House Democrats Call on Nixon to Oppose Cuts to Shear Institute

Students who have participated in a UMSL Sue Shears Institute for Women program Twenty-three Democrat women state representatives delivered a letter today to Governor Nixon governor asking him to veto SB 455, which includes an amendment abolishing the Sue Shear Institute… Continue Reading

Bill Restricting Drug-Induced Abortion is Burdensome to Women

ALERT:  HB1274 MAY BE HEARD ON THE HOUSE FLOOR NEXT WEEK By Jeremy Truitt – The Maneater (University of Missouri)  It is difficult not to imagine certain Missouri legislators plotting to take away women’s rights with the latest step dictating… Continue Reading

Women Lag Far Behind Men for Elected Office in Missouri

Posted March 16 — By Doug Moore, St. Louis Post Dispatch ST. LOUIS  There are more women than men registered to vote in every county of Missouri. But when it comes to holding office, men dominate at nearly every level… Continue Reading

Unacceptable! Missouri House Speaker Wants Limbaugh Statue in Capitol

PLEASE HELP! Sign petition to  Speaker Tilley and MO House leaders here.   Rush Limbaugh deserves NO place of honor in Missouri’s Capitol. By CHRIS BLANK  – Associated Press JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — While advertisers flee his radio show, conservative talk show… Continue Reading

Poll: Gender Gap in Attitudes Toward Obama Birth Control Rule

BY BILL LAMBRECHT • St. Louis Post Dispatch WASHINGTON • The controversial government mandate requiring birth control coverage at no cost to women employed by religion-affiliated institutions is winning voters’ support, especially from women.  But opinion is more closely divided on Sen. Roy… Continue Reading