GOP Leaders Support Extreme, Unconstitutional “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

By John Celock, Huffington Post — April 23  Republican lawmakers in Missouri are defending their controversial bill to ban the teaching of sexual orientation in schools as a way to prevent students from learning about the “homosexual agenda,” the “heterosexual agenda”… Continue Reading

Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton & More Riveting Moments – Women in the World 2012

It launched with the sound of a young girl’s voice, calling a hotline for women forced into marriage, her words spanning across the giant stage at New York’s Lincoln Center. The girl was British, but she’d overheard her parents talking… Continue Reading

Obama Administration Guarantees Near-Universal Contraceptive Coverage

Fantastic news today: the Obama Administration has ensured that most all employers will have to offer insurance plans that cover birth control! Per the news release from the US Dept. of Health and Human Services: “the final rule on preventive health services… Continue Reading

Eighth Grade Girls Speak Out for Gay Rights in St. Louis

Three Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School students are stepping up and speaking out for the issues they believe in—even if adults won’t listen. By Lindsey Toler – Maplewood Richmond Heights Patch Meet the fourth wave of feminism. They may only… Continue Reading

Why Do Women Vote Differently Than Men?

Despite stereotypes, men are actually more fickle at the voting booth. by Libby Copeland – This election cycle, as with just about every other, there is considerable handwringing about where the women voters will land. Which candidate will alienate… Continue Reading

10 “Must Haves” for the Woman Who Would Be President

by Diana Bartelli Carlin, Nichola D. Gutgold and Theodore F. Sheckels, Women’s Media Center   Hillary Clinton proved that a woman can be a top presidential contender, but 2012 will not be the year that particular glass ceiling is broken. The authors… Continue Reading