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Editorial: Missouri law says children have right to life — it’s time to make it so 0

Editorial: Missouri law says children have right to life — it’s time to make it so

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch had an excellent editorial recently. Echoing Shark-Fu’s previous ProgressWomen post, the editorial board called on abortion-restriction-happy Missouri legislators to pay at least as much attention to protecting infants and young children: “Should it be the public policy of the state of Missouri to do as much to protect the lives of young children as it does for unborn children?… “The questions are prompted by Post-Dispatch reporter Nancy Cambria’s emotional roller-coaster of a three-part series last week examining the tragic deaths of infants while under the supervision of child-care providers. “Missouri lawmakers… over the over the past few years,...

Missouri legislators pledge to push child care safety 0

Missouri legislators pledge to push child care safety

Nancy Cambria - St. Louis Post-Dispatch Lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle pledged this week to put two child care safety measures front and center in the next Missouri legislative session. The comments came after a series by the Post-Dispatch detailing 45 mostly preventable deaths in Missouri child care facilities from 2007 through 2010. All but four occurred in unlicensed facilities with no state safety standards or inspections. Eight occurred in day cares where providers broke laws by caring for too many children without a required license. Previously, the Legislature has failed to act on two bills that would...

Wrong Priorities Take Their Toll 0

Wrong Priorities Take Their Toll

Guest Post by Shark-Fu Longtime readers know that I follow Missouri state politics. As a reproductive justice activist, I know which committees in the Missouri House are likely to excrete legislation designed to deny women access to reproductive healthcare under the guise of “protection” and which legislators are keen to pander to special interest groups who pump up their campaign coffers as they lead their devout flock of single-issue anti-choice voters to the polls. One such committee is the Committee on Children and Families, where former State Representative Cynthia Davis once ruled and once said that the committee would super focus...