Protestors Hold “Rally Against Rush” at State Capitol

By Zheng Hwuang Chia, KOMU — March 28, 2012 JEFFERSON CITY – Supporters of women’s health rallied at the state capitol last week to deliver what they said were 35,000 letters to House Speaker Steven Tilley and Governor Jay Nixon. The group… Continue Reading

AFL-CIO Backs Contraceptive Equity/Quality Health Care for Women

I learned today that the AFL-CIO is solidly standing behind women and their right to access to birth control.  As we continue to fight this universal “War on Women”, I am just thrilled that we have the support of union brothers… Continue Reading

Poll: Gender Gap in Attitudes Toward Obama Birth Control Rule

BY BILL LAMBRECHT • St. Louis Post Dispatch WASHINGTON • The controversial government mandate requiring birth control coverage at no cost to women employed by religion-affiliated institutions is winning voters’ support, especially from women.  But opinion is more closely divided on Sen. Roy… Continue Reading

Missouri Women Reps Ignored in Birth Control Debate

MO Representatives speak up after being ignored in the House. Edited from the article from JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – Seven female representatives voiced outrage at being ignored for over 2 hours by Republican House leadership during a House floor discussion on… Continue Reading

Public Divided Over Birth Control Insurance Mandate

In honor of Valentine’s Day (ok, it was yesterday), let’s take a look at how the battle rages on to protect women’s rights to abortion and birth control. Pew Research Center, Released: February 14, 2012 The latest national survey by the… Continue Reading

Poll: Majority of Catholics Support Contraception Coverage

By Jonathan Easley – A majority of Catholics believe their employers should be required to provide coverage for contraception and birth control, according to a poll released Tuesday from the nonprofit research organization the Public Religion Research Institute. The poll found… Continue Reading