What I Know

Like you, I woke up today after going to bed at 2am with fear, revulsion and a stomach ache that won’t go away.

My progressive sisters across the country texted me all last night, including my wise daughter. These souls were my lifelines as we watched our country succumb to hate and bigotry. My husband & I talked of leaving the country, even our state, after Missouri went bright blistery red with the NRA/anti-woman sentiment ensconced now in every branch of our state government.

But then I realized that he & I will probably be ok. Our immediate lives won’t change much. But how on earth can I go back to Jefferson City in January to work with these hateful people?

In despair I read posts from my friends & mentors – Denise Lieberman who wrote, “No words. More determined than ever.” Inspiring words from Professor Jason Purnell, who is an eloquent master of hope. And then a lightbulb moment.

I haven’t been working for social justice just for me. I work for you.

It is not all horrendous. Good people across the country were elected, including my progressive GOP friend, Barbara Bollier to the Kansas State Senate, who cares as deeply about gun violence and reproductive rights as I do. A Facebook group of mostly progressive women, Pantsuit Nation ballooned to over 3 million in the last few weeks and is still exploding. People are writing me for next steps, encouraging my leadership, reaching out for answers. As a legislator, I work for you, not for me.

I realized this after a long hot shower.

More kids are going to be shot & killed. More women are going to be attacked on all levels even more openly. Voter rights STILL need to be protected. Sexism, racism, bigotry, homophobia, anti-semitism all need to be fought against on a much heightened level.

The fight doesn’t end. In my total disgust, I’m hearing those in the past quietly whisper, “keep moving.”

So I decided this morning to finally get out of bed.

I’m taking your passion, encouragement and wise words and putting them back into my pocket. Putting on my hot pink oxfords which give me magic powers. Do what I know how to do. Going to fight with all the strength I have.

Please join me.


THIS IS IT.  Stop listening to the noise.

I’ve been in Ohio since October 21st with HRC Travelers from all over – California, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut – and more are flooding in.  People are hopping on planes & driving long distances just to make sure she carrys this battleground state.  We are door knocking and phoning voters every single day – talking to everyone we meet, regardless if they’re even on our walk sheets.  The enthusiasm is great among women & in low income neighborhoods – where many often don’t want to go.

The Cuyahoga Women Democrats are working round the clock: flash mobbing for Hillary, helping with Early Voting lines at the Board of Elections, hosting & feeding HRC Travelers in their homes, doorknocking multiple shifts and working out of downtown HRC offices where they desperately need volunteers. 


Do what my friend Tenaya did this past weekend with her cousin and aunt who live across the country. They Skyped together as they called online for Hillary to women voters in targeted states.

Step #1:  Gather your pals —at your house or online wherever they are.

Step #2:  Log onto www.HillaryClinton.com & navigate to Volunteer – HERE.

Step #3:  It will take you through several steps (a training if you need it) —Choose Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood and her daughter Lily Adams Team.

Step #4: At the top, choose your phone bank —I’m doing Ohio Women to Women.

Step #5:  The 1st voter pops up with their phone number, age & city & a helpful script if you need it.  Then enter your result and move to the next one.

Step #6:  That’s it!


Ok –I have to go now jump on my next calls…


Amy from Illinois, Kate from Virginia, me from Missouri and Rebekah from Connecticut

I’m in Ohio volunteering for Hillary with women travelers from all over the country because…we just had to be here in a crucial battleground state to get the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT elected (sorry for yelling).  We know not every one can just pick up and leave home (kids, work, husbands, dogs, etc) for this moment in history.

YOU don’t have to be in Ohio to still be part of the “Nasty Women” who are taking the country back from Donald Trump wanna-bees. There’s plenty for you to do right where you are —and still TIME to do it.



Getting Hillary elected is going to take more than following all the fabulous Facebook pages such as “National Pantsuit Day – November 8th” which sprung up last week and ALREADY has 90,802 members (exploding like crazy every hour).

Gather a couple of friends/family/co-workers – which makes it more fun – and go to your local Hillary office. Click HERE if you’re not in Missouri.

 – St. Louis – 4309 Lindell Blvd, 63108 (near St. Louis University) – 314.328.0668

 – Kansas City – 1901 McGee Street, 64108 – 816.287.0593

– Columbia –  15 S. Tenth Street, 65201 – 573.340.1071

Or you don’t even have to leave your house.


My friend Harry the Donkey high fiving after reaching a voter for Hillary on his laptop.
You can make calls directly to voters in needed battleground states right from your couch – what could be easier?  Or invite a few friends who yell at their TV’s every time Donald says something else misogynistic or racist or homophobic.  Add some cheese & chocolate and make it a real “Nasty Women” event:
1.  Log into HillaryClinton.com on your laptop, have your phone charged up and navigate to the Volunteer Call Page —HERE.
2.  Even if you have only 20 minutes while waiting for the dryer to beep or your bathtub to fill.
3.  Talk directly to Hillary supporters to remind them to vote —especially in states like Ohio, Texas or Nevada.
* Dial the number on your screen
* Follow a simple call script – and remind them you’re calling from YOUR STATE and how much you need them to VOTE for Hillary (they don’t need to know about the pajamas part).
* When you’re done –just mark the result of the call on your screen.
4.  Talk directly to still undecided voters we haven’t yet reached to tell them WHY DONALD MUST BE DEFEATED.
 * Call voters who haven’t yet been confirmed for HIllary —you can see their names & addresses right on your screen
 * Use the script to guide you —but TELL YOUR STORY why you’re voting for Hillary – AND CALLING THEM IN YOUR PAJAMAS
 * When you’re done – mark the result on the screen.
Write a simple message on Facebook to your old college roommates, former neighbors, even the cousin you haven’t seen in years = let them know how badly they must Vote for Hillary.   SIGN INTO FACEBOOK AND OPEN THE LINK HERE.
Easy!  I just did it (in my pajamas) —and let my FB friends know that I NEED THEIR STATE to come in for Hillary.  Just because they are your Facebook friends, doesn’t mean they are as serious as YOU ARE about showing up to vote.  We cannot afford to leave any vote on the table.
Your friends don’t read their email?  THEN go to ProgressWomen on Facebook and share these instructions with your friends.  We are also on Twitter @ProgressWomen16.
If you still need the right pajamas to get motivated, CLICK HERE.

The NRA and Trump’s Inseparable Misogyny

The women who work at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence came together to write this piece on Medium.  We love it so much and must share it.


The GOP has embraced the NRA’s assault on women for years. Why is Trump so different?

by The Women of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Kelly Roskam, Adelyn Allchin, Bryan Barks, Vicka Chaplin, Jennifer Fuson, Lisa Geller, Lori Haas, Kayla Hicks, Chelsea White

For more than a year, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s misogyny has captured the attention of the media and the public. Throughout his campaign, Trump has made disgusting and demeaning comments about women. The recording of Trump bragging about sexual assault and the subsequent accusations about his sexual misconduct only amplify what he has displayed throughout his campaign: he views women as objects to be violated at will.

No one should be surprised by Trump’s comments given the tone of his campaign. But for some reason — perhaps because the election is days away and their congressional majorities are on the line — many Republicans are suddenly shocked and appalled by this kind of language. Speaker Paul Ryan said he was “sickened” by Trump’s comments. Senator Ted Cruz called the language “disturbing and inappropriate.” These public denouncements are laughable coming from politicians in the pocket of the gun lobby. Leaders of the National Rifle Association (NRA) have perpetuated rape culture, opposed laws that would keep women safe, and exploited victims of domestic violence for years.

In a 2014 broadcast with the Washington Examiner’s Ashe Schow, NRA radio host Cam Edwards suggested that college and university policies regarding sexual assault on campus are “encouraging victimhood.” Schow stated, “So many of these cases come down to two people being drunk at a party hooking up, and then somebody, usually the girl, regretting it the next morning.” Edwards replied, “Yup. Absolutely.”

Edwards is not the only NRA representative to embrace this misogynistic, victim-blaming philosophy. NRA Board Member Wayne Anthony Ross once asked, “If a guy can’t rape his wife, who’s he gonna rape?” and offered an ignorant and despicable “solution” to domestic violence, saying, “There wouldn’t be an issue with domestic violence if women would learn to keep their mouth shut.” NRA Board Member Ted Nugent once stated, “Anybody that doesn’t think it is better to blow someone’s brains out than to be raped, deserves to be raped. If you don’t think your life is worth it, then please go out there, don’t wear any underpants, and get raped, ’cause you deserve it.”

These comments fall into the same category as Trump’s “hot mic” comments — violent, offensive, and demeaning. But did Republicans withdraw their support for the NRA following these comments? Did they refuse to accept the NRA’s money? Did they stand up for women denigrated by this language? No. In fact, Republicans and the NRA have worked together to actively block legislation that would keep women safe.

The NRA and other gun rights proponents have routinely opposed efforts at the federal and state level to prohibit purchase and possession of firearms by stalkers, persons convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors, and extending the prohibition to include dating partners convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors or subject to domestic violence restraining orders. They have also opposed efforts to protect unmarried dating partners from armed abusers. In short, the gun lobby not only blames victims for their abuse, but actively advocates for abusers to remain armed.

In 2014, the NRA’s lobbying arm, NRA-Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), issued a statement opposing a Rhode Island bill that would prohibit persons convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors from owning firearms. The bill was consistent with the existing federal prohibition for domestic violence misdemeanants. The NRA-ILA’s letter complains, “This bill is flawed because it lowers the bar to misdemeanor offenses. Current law already prohibits convicted felons from owning firearms.” This perspective deliberately obscures the fact that even serious domestic violence offenses are commonly charged as, or pleaded down to, misdemeanors. Additionally, the letter perpetuates the myth that a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence is not a serious offense.

In 2015, the NRA opposed a provision of a bill in Louisiana that would have allowed abusive dating partners to be charged with domestic abuse battery, which under federal law would prohibit them from purchasing or possessing firearms. Kim Sport, chairwoman of the United Way of Southeast Louisiana’s Public Policy Committee and of the state’s domestic violence prevention commission, said she was told the NRA “didn’t want to increase the pool of people who will be dispossessed of their firearms.” What about the women dispossessed of their lives?

In 2015, when Senator Amy Klobuchar proposed a bill to ensure that dating partners convicted of domestic violence or subject to a domestic violence restraining order would be prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms, the NRA balked.

According to their perverse logic, a person convicted of abusing their spouse can be prohibited from purchasing and possessing firearms, but a person convicted of abusing their dating partner — a position of similar intimacy — is safe enough for continued access to a deadly weapon.

The NRA’s opposition to these common-sense pieces of legislation shows that they prioritize the rights of abusers to own deadly weapons over the lives of domestic violence victims.

This month, in a stunning show of greed, the NRA has capitalized on Domestic Violence Awareness Month to increase sales. Through a partnership with BearingArms.com, the NRA is selling firearms and concealed carry training courses to victims of domestic violence. The campaign, called “Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence,” is focused on getting guns into the hands of victims of domestic violence by telling them being armed makes them safer. Recommendations from the program include “protecting your home with an [Modular Sniper Rifle] MSR,” “taking a concealed carry course,” and “joining a local firearms training group.”

Notably, this is not the first time the NRA has exploited women’s fears of domestic violence to sell guns. As part of their “Refuse to be a Victim” program, launched in 1993, featured trainers on their website discuss topics such as “How to carry a concealed firearm in different outfits,” “Benefits of adding a mounted light to your firearm,” and “Creating a shooting diary to track your training.”

While the idea that a woman should “protect herself” might sound innocuous, the NRA’s campaign intentionally ignores the facts at the expense of women’s safety. In the United States, an American woman is shot and killed by her intimate partner every 16 hours. Intimate partner homicide comprises 40–50% of all murders of women, and research shows that when an abusive partner has access to a firearm, the risk the other partner will die increases more than five-fold. An abused woman is 10 times more likely to be threatened with a gun than to defend themselves with one. The bottom line is that guns do not make women in abusive relationships safer; rather, they put women at higher risk of being threatened, shot, and killed by their abuser.

At a time when domestic violence organizations are providing real resources and awareness for victims and survivors of domestic violence, “Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence” willfully ignores the evidence about the risk firearms pose to victims of domestic violence. Though they advertise safety and empowerment for women, the gun lobby’s ultimate goal is maximizing end-of-year profits — even at the expense of women’s lives.

Donald Trump’s words and actions towards women are repulsive, but his behavior is no surprise given his close alliance with an organization that actively works to put more guns in the hands of domestic abusers. Republicans, who are now so publicly disgusted by Donald Trump, have turned a blind eye to the NRA’s equally deplorable rhetoric for years. They have voted against measures to protect victims of domestic violence. They have cashed the NRA’s checks without thinking twice about the human cost. They have shown blatant disregard for the lives of women — until those women are poised to vote them out of office. Donald Trump and the NRA are a package deal. Republicans don’t get to run from one but not the other.

“Coming Out of Her Wherever” = 33 Days


We are gearing up to turn out “THE WOMEN”.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock you should know OUR VOTES will determine the next President of the United States.  That’s a real life true FACT- CHECKED FACT.

Like Our COOL New Button?  Thanks to a village of women who know how to get s**t done: Rebecca Cohen in Portland, Anne Taussig in St. Louis & myself (actually they did all the work today online).  Go ahead!  Post it on FB & Twitter and share madly to your heart’s content.  WE ARE!  Little hint: It’s also going to the Wash U St. Louis Debate.

You are Registered to Vote, Right?  You, your mom, your daughter, your crazy girlfriends – registered to vote where you currently live?  CHECK HERE TO MAKE SURE HERE IN MISSOURI.




Are we electing a president & world leader or a prom queen?  Have you truly seen the “yuge” list of Hillary’s achievements since she was in college?  Are you actually going to sit & drink a glass of wine with the next president or does she have other important national problems & foreign leaders to be dealing with?

Would you rather have a sexist racist anti-semitic totally unqualified no-tax paying man sitting in the Oval Office whose main talent is tweeting insults about women at 5am? 

A few of our dynamic ProgressWomen leaders have designed a social media campaign to drive a positive narrative around Hillary Clinton and her race to the White House.  For the next 33 days we will be posting positive comments using the hashtag #ILikeHer because we have a REALLY QUALIFIED candidate that MUST be elected Nov. 8th.

We encourage YOU to help us publish simple statements about why “You Like Her”. We know you’re on Facebook & Twitter all day (we see you!)

Simply focus on positive attributes of Hillary Clinton that you admire. Moderate voters have been bombarded with the untrue notion that Trump and Clinton are equivalent. However, with our #ILikeHer campaign, we have a unique opportunity to show that Hillary voters are not just accepting the lesser of two evils – we are excited about her! She is impressive, successful and the most qualified ever.


“I like @HillaryClinton because of her grace under pressure.  #ILikeHer

“I love the way @HillaryClinton handles the media. #ILikeHer

#ILikeHer because @HillaryClinton stands up for women around the world.”

All you need to do:

1) post a Tweet or post on Facebook making sure you use the hashtag, 2) retweet another Tweet with this hashtag, 3) Forward this email to your friends who support Hillary Clinton

SO ENOUGH WITH THIS “LIKEABILITY” SEXIST GARBAGE.  Help us get Hillary Clinton elected and send THE DONALD packing.



Heavens to Betsy – Wash U & St. Louis are sprucing up & rolling out the red carpet for this Sunday night at 8pm. Debate Hall prep includes: 50,000 feet of cable installed, 700+ media network connections in the Media Filing Center, 4800 linear feet of security fence, 60,000 square feet of carpet, 5200 media swag tote bags filled with tshirts, water bottle, wallets, chocolate cookies, trail mix and lanyards, thousands of student buttons, stickers, tattoos, plush bears, 2500 boxed lunches and 5000+ sandwiches

Get ALL the inside scoop HERE: Washington University’s 2016 Presidential Debate.  Come be part of the action!


“Say No to Hate & Come Get Our Vote” Presidential Debate Rally

Join a diverse coalition including Planned Parenthood, NARAL, social justice organizations, student groups, interfaith communities and labor unions for a MASSIVE rally – reproductive to economic justice.  RSVP HERE.

Facebook event HERE and you can RSVP for a fun sign making party (with free t-shirts) on Thursday HERE


When:  Sunday, October 9th at 5PM
Where: Parking Lot in University City’s Delmar Loop behind Cicero’s –  Corner of Kingsland Ave and Loop North at Delmar
“The Official Hillary for America Debate Watch Party”
Didn’t get an official debate ticket?  Come watch the Wash U Townhall Debate LIVE with supporters just like you. Don’t be a couch potato on this night.
When:  Sunday, October 9th – 7:30pm – 10:00pm
Where: The Pageant Theatre – 6161 Delmar Blvd (just east of Delmar & Skinker)


Image left from Emily Keown in Texas – On Monday both candidates, news crews and all the debate hoopla moves out for other campaign rallies, events, the next debate, etc. BUT THERE’S WORK LEFT TO DO.  All hands needed on deck to turn out those still undecided women voters (remember, we women vote 20% more than men for Democrats).  That’s my sole agenda from now until Election Day.

GET YOURSELF INTO A HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN OFFICE STATPhoning undecideds, calling volunteers, doorknocking, shift work or just pop in when you have a few hours —-there’s a task for everybody, all ages.

Hillary for Missouri HQ in Saint Louis MO —4039 Lindell Blvd near St. Louis University —314 -328-0668

Kansas City MO Office —1901 McGee Street —-816-287-0593
Columbia MO Office –15 South 10th Street —573-340-1071



1) Print out and Hang a DONALD TRUMP SIGN on your refrigerator.

2) You AND Every Single member of your family over the age of 18 MUST be registered to vote (deadline to vote in Missouri’s General Election = October 12th).

3) Going to be out of town November 8th?  Vote Absentee.  Don’t forget about those college kids away from home in the fall.  Tape this to the refrigerator NOW – Missouri Absentee Ballot Direction

4) Get yourself into a Hillary for President office immediately —find one HERE even if you don’t live in Missouri, even volunteer from home!

5) Forward this to EVERY friend you have who cares about: reproductive justice, gun violence prevention, voters rights, equality rights, pay equity, family medical leave, public education funding, minimum wage, labor protections, childcare, a grownup in the White House, student loan affordability, economic stability, no more wars….

Good News for a Change —And Events for You


Missouri Veto Session is old news.  Thanks so much, GOP-controlled Legislature for the horrific gun and voter suppression bills = NOT.  But hey, you finally stood down on our reproductive rights after Sen. Schaefer’s nonsense, right?


A recent poll commissioned by American Women, a research arm of Emily’s List, confirmed what we already thought we knew about women’s concerns this year.

The evidence is overwhelming: Despite their varied circumstances, independent women voters, young women, and women of color all rank gun violence as a top concern in this election, as recently noted by Elle Magazine.

And by no surprise,  two thirds of men and three fourths of women surveyed believe we MUST protect access to reproductive health services.

BOOM!  Just like we have surmised through ProgressWomen’s own unscientific findings, the majority of women (and a lot of men) rank gun violence as well as reproductive health protections as their major concerns.

So we will keep informing you and GETTING YOU OUT THE DOOR on Election Day to vote with gun violence prevention and reproductive justice as top priorities!



On Sunday September 25th, be part of the Kool Kids Club across the country.  Add your voice.  Show up to one of the 350 concerts nationwide in over 40 states.

Organized by my close friend, Donna Dees Thomases (Million Mom March founder) – musicians, artists, activists and everyday people (is that a song?) are joining hands for concerts and faith-based events of all kinds everywhere across the country.  Big towns, small towns, church choirs, even a small prison faith sing-a-long of peace and hope.

CLICK HERE for events in your neck of the woods including across Missouri.

This is a BIG DEAL (we used to call it “yuge” before you know who).  Rolling Stone featured it yesterday and James TaylorPearl JamBonnie RaitChelsea HandlerMarc CohnSam Harris from XAmbassadors and Carnie Wilson are tweeting about it.

Join me at the St. Louis concert Sunday night September 25th, 6-8pm at Central Reform Congregation (5020 Waterman Avenue).  

 Free tickets HERE (you must reserve your seat) with favorite St. Louis performers offering “poignant, passionate, funny, funky  and folky songs” including:

Liz Murphy, Angie Nicholson, Anna Blair, Debra Schuster, Christy Simmons, Bob Gerchen, Charlene Reiman, Michele  Isam, Kay Martin Love, Donna Weinsting, Dionna Raedeke, Ken Haller, Jeffrey M. Wright, Bob Becherer, Matt Anderson,  Chuck Lavazzi and Norm White.

Donations for the CRC concert accepted to cover musical costs – and also to the Brady  Campaign.

Produced and directed by St. Louis favorite Katie Dunne McGrath with musical direction by Carol Schmidt.

Great people rehearsing like mad!



 Want to do something good for reproductive justice in Missouri….and have hysterical fun with fierce women?

Join me & pals – Sunday October 2nd in St. Louis 

6:00pm- 9:00pm at COCA- Center of Creative Arts, 524 Trinity Ave.

Oscar-style red carpet Golden Probe Awards Watch Party – streamed live from NYC with presenters Samantha Bee, Sarah Silverman, our terrific friend & comrade Lizz Winstead, former TX Sen.  Wendy Davis and more from Lady Parts Justice League.

TICKETS HERE = So dig out your “Red Carpet Vagina Attire”

* Photo booth- dress as the golden probe award, pose with your favorite MO nominee

* Feather boas, uterus glasses, beads… we got it all

* Food and drinks included in your price of admission- valet too!
* Hear from the clinics we are funding and legislative warriors
* Golden Probe cupcakes from Sweetology
* Champaign toast to the legislator of the year
 (regretfully it is the first night of Rosh Hashanah for those who observe, but we didn’t set the date)
Thanks to our good old pal, Sen. Kurt Schaefer, Missouri is nominated for several categories:

*Best Acting Like You Care About Women in a Non-Supportive Role

*Best Original Science

*Best Adaptation of Reality in an Elected or Non-Elected Role

*Outstanding Performance in an Unscripted Outburst

*Best Newcomer and/or Breakthrough Performance

*Outstanding Writing Using Sharpie, Hobby Lobby Supplies and/or Microsoft Paint

*Outstanding Underachievement By a Legislator in a Leading Role

*Legislature of the Year  (you think Missouri just might win??)

Proceeds to benefit the Gateway Womens Access Fund (for MO women who cannot afford the full cost of abortion care) and Lady Parts Justice League.