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You don’t want to miss this “ProgressWomen Missouri Evening with 3 Secret Mystery Guests”!

Thursday, December 3 –  6pm to 8pm

Home of MO State Rep. Stacey Newman, 6340 Clayton Road #206, St. Louis, MO

COHOSTS:  St. Louis Alderwoman Megan Green, Taunia Adams, Blythe Burkhardt, Susan Cook, Mia Henderson, Aimee Knebel, Sarah Wood Martin, Lindsay Pattan, Pam Rich, Lindsey Terry and Daniela Velazquez

Are you angry about the horrific attacks on reproductive justice in the State Capitol?  Angry at the bully tactics putting the health of young women in Columbia in jeopardy? Angry at the constant attacks on women by the GOP leadership?

Three very special Mystery Guests will FIRE US UP –  because we are mad & are not taking it anymore.

We guarantee you NEED to be here to help us fight back against the ugly anti-woman attacks coming to Missouri’s state capitol in January.  Space is limited and filling up fast so please RSVP right away.

Nope, we won’t tell you who our special guests are. 

Support Washington University – Summit for Women’s Empowerment November 7, 2015







What could be more important than empowerment?  Owning our success? Owning our opinions?  Owning our differences?  AND supporting Washington University-St. Louis women who are sponsoring the popular national summit right here in St. Louis.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the day long summit which is open to women of all ages in the St. Louis community.  Come join me & a very impressive lineup of professional women panelists (many from out of town) – from the world of business, media, STEM, sports and entertainment and an exciting lineup of breakout sessions and one-on-one time with really smart women.

It’s young women inspiring other women. Motivating us. Changing the world.

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Washington University student cochairs are part of  ProgressWomen themselves – Claudia Vaughan and Ellen  Kaushansky – who helm a  marvelous executive team overseeing ALL the logistics, corporate and university sponsors & everything it takes for a marvelous day long event.

Check out the impressive panels of speakers, schedule, everything you need to know and register right away HERE.  I’ll be there.  You come too.  How can you miss this?


  register-buttonSATURDAY NOVEMBER 7, 2015



$15 = Washington University undergraduates, $40 = Community members



Ladies, This is serious.

AND against federal law…bullying by MO GOP & now, Mizzou at it’s worst.

Columbia Tribune – MU Ends Privileges Granted to Abortion Doctor in Review Prompted by “Sanctity of Life” Committee

Kansas City Star – University of Missouri Shamefully Caves in to Political Bullying

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – University of Missouri Ends Clinical Privileges to Planned Parenthood Doctor



Are you as livid as I am, that State Sen. Schaefer’s bullying tactics & political pressure in threatening higher ed funding has reached all the way to Mizzou?  Are you crazed that women’s reproductive healthcare – OUR vaginas & uteruses – are political pawns in Jefferson City?


*Chief Medical Officer for MU Health Systems Dr. Stevan Whitt – [email protected] –  Phone: 573-884-9431

*University of Missouri Chancellor Bowen Loftin –[email protected][email protected] on Twitter –  Phone: 573-882-2121



Wear your PINK on national “Pink Out for Planned Parenthood” Day Tues Sept 29 – tweet #PinkOut & #StandwithPP,  Pink Out your social media with selfies & join me to yell and scream.


In Mid Missouri – join Mizzou for Planned Parenthood. Come to Speakers Circle on the University of Missouri Campus in your “Pink” at 4:30pm.

In St. Louis – join me at WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY  and  my new  favorite activists –  Washington University  Student  Advocates for Reproductive Rights at 1pm in front of the  Danforth University Center with your  pink.

In Jefferson City – join the demonstration at Saffee’s  courtyard, 227 E.. High Street at NOON.

LIKE ON FACEBOOK –  Planned Parenthood Advocates in  Missouri for more events around the state.


Write an op-ed, blog post, letter to the editor, share online with your universe and express YOUR thoughts about this attack on our private parts.


Refer every woman you know to ProgressWoman – on Facebook & Twitter @progresswomenus. Repost, retweet & help make noise & don’t forget to wear your pink.



Reminder – Look up your state and federal electeds HERE.

If you don’t know who represents you, then what can I say?. These are the people making policy decisions which affect you.  And while you’re at it, strongly encourage your friends to learn too.



ProgressWomen began as a project December 2014 through my office after women kept asking “What can I do to get involved politically?”  We are now a collective of over 1000 women statewide (and growing) who are sick and tired of attacks on women & families in Missouri, in so many ways. 

Check us out online. Open up your address book & refer us every progressive woman you know.  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ProgressWomenUs & Facebook @ProgressWomen.

You’ve heard this before – “it’s going to take a village”.  Tired of their nonsense?  You in?

“I’m All In for Hillary Clinton, My Next President”

This past week was the 20th anniversary of First Lady Hillary Clinton’s historic speech on women’s rights in Bejing.  Every since, we have held this as truth: “Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights.  Hillary’s #Beijing20 speech wasn’t loved by everyone. She took a risk because she knew women needed a voice: WATCH HERE.

Yet, here at home in the U.S., we have to continually fight for our legal rights, like access to abortion, voting rights and equal pay, with as much fervor as we can muster because of the constant attacks in state legislatures and Congress.

I’m sick & tired of constantly fighting for these human rights for ourselves and our daughters, just as our mothers and grandmothers fought for us. 

I want my elected officials to stand up for us, not use us as pawns.  I’m sick of our “issues” being treated as something to barter away (as the Missouri State Senate Democrats did in 2014 with the 72 hour abortion delay bill now as law.)

By the way —did you catch any of the anti-Planned Parenthood hearings today in Congress?  YES, the GOP want to shut down the government until they can defund Planned Parenthood:  28 GOP Men Threaten Govt. Shutdown over Planned Parenthood.  Attacks on women are real and continue.

For reasons below in my Huffington Post article last weekend, I am wholeheartedly endorsing Hillary Clinton to be my next President.

I hope you will join with me.


I’m All in for Hillary Clinton, My Next President

When I was nine years old, I asked why my older brother got the fun chores like mowing the grass instead of having to do the hated dishes every night like me. I was told he’s a “boy”, like that was supposed to make sense. Then in college, I was repeatedly passed over for leadership positions for the “boy” even though my resume completely outshined any of theirs. I was told that to be happy I needed to focus on my looks and “find a man”. Over and over I learned that being a “girl” was a disadvantage. I was pretty angry.

Fast forward a bunch of decades and I now serve in the Missouri state legislature where women are subjected to continual sexual harassment scandals and policies pushed by the GOP designed to punish and shame women. Pay equity, reproductive justice, keeping domestic abusers from guns and our voting rights are issues we fight for every year, where it’s clear that particularly in Missouri, it remains a liability to be a woman. I am still angry.

I want my next President to fight for me, my daughter and my granddaughters. I want someone smart, worldly and experienced. I want someone who believes that “Women’s Rights are Human Rights” is not “playing the gender card” or merely a meme.

I want someone who believes at their core we must stop senseless gun violence, that automatic voter registration and a strengthened Voter Rights Act is urgently needed and the protection of a woman’s access and legal right to birth control and abortion is a must. I want a President who cares and is deeply vested in the quality of women’s lives. I need a President to work in tandem with me for equality and justice in my state, not flagrantly pander to the evangelicals who work against women, families and workers.

If that candidate just happened to be a woman who would be the first woman in history elected to the White House —OMG —that would be like the best cream cheese icing on the biggest chocolate fudge cupcake ever.

courtesy of

courtesy of

Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly exceedingly fits my requirements. I want and need her as my next president. There is not another candidate in the field of wanna bees who comes even close.

I’m sick of those in power turning a blind eye to people barely scraping by on minimum and unequal wages and children in certain zip codes sentenced to poverty and subservient education. Hillary Clinton has long been a champion for those families and advocates paid family leave, childcare assistance and equality protections for all, regardless of sexual identity or preference.

She is smarter than the entire field of candidates put together in recognizing that astronomical student debt must be addressed. I want my daughter and her friends to succeed in their fields when they finish their college paths without years and years of college loans to pay back. I want girls and boys to be able to afford their dreams and someday, their own families, regardless of their ethnicity or where they were born. So does Hillary Clinton.

Economic injustice, racial inequalities, ugly attacks against immigrants and violence in our communities is real. I want Hillary Clinton as our next U. S. President to take charge with her vast experience, tenacity and lifelong commitment to these very issues. We have serious problems which require serious policy by a serious leader like herself who has been enormously respected around the world for years.

And ongoing threats of nuclear and national security?   Hillary Clinton has already been on the front lines of international threats as our Secretary of State. She’s been there. Protected us. Faced it. Done it.

But most of all, I want Hillary Clinton in the White House because after repeatedly being told most of her life what girls couldn’t do, like be an astronaut (like NASA told her) or become President of the United States, she “gets” it.

She gets the attitudes, discrimination and even the violence that many of us women experience because of our gender.   Even though she herself faces continual sexist attacks and media/Congressional interrogations based on no evidence, Hillary has consistently proven her entire life that she will fight with every breath to protect the rest of us from injustice, repression and the right to choose if and when we have children.

The media keeps stressing “like-ability”. Really? We’re not electing our next bestie friend but someone who knows how to run the country. I don’t care what her hair looks like or what she’s wearing or if she laughs too joyously. Neither should anyone else.

pablo.1Besides showing my granddaughters and other young girls that the world can be their oyster, the trickle down effect of gender equity will be amazing. By putting the smartest and most capable candidate in the White House who just happens to be a woman, Hillary Clinton’s presidency will foster women leaders in all areas of government, business and the military where they have long been absent. It will also catch us up to those other countries who are light years ahead of us with 22 currently elected female women leaders.

So, I enthusiastically endorse Hillary Clinton to be my next President. I will continue working with all my might to push those vital women voters to show up with me on Election Day 2016. If my efforts require a Wonder Woman attitude or Rosie the Riveter coveralls, I’m all in.

Please join me in destroying that cracked Oval Office glass ceiling for good and declare to women of all ages and the men who love them, that being the fiercest, most experienced and best resume “girl” officially rules.



  1. Join with me in supporting Women for Hillary HERE.

  bitmoji-201509051347152. Encourage your friends and family to do the same (I AM) —-it will take a village to get her elected.

  3. Forward this email to every woman you know with your reasons and repost on Facebook, Twitter.

  4. Create your own Women’s Rights bitmojoi by downloading the app BITMOIJI in the App Store like I did – it’s fun!

  5. Write an op-ed, blog post, letter to the editor and express YOUR thoughts if you support Hillary.

  6. Refer every woman you know to ProgressWoman – on Facebook & Twitter @progresswomenus. Repost, retweet & help make noise.  

You’ve heard this before – “it’s going to take a village”.  Tired of their nonsense?  You in?
In Solidarity,


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All of us women throughout Missouri are “ON THE MENU”, particularly those in rural parts where reproductive healthcare access is dismal to none.

This afternoon Sen. Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) who is ALSO running for MO Attorney General in 2016, held the THIRD investigative hearing in the Capitol, focusing on the pathology lab company contracted with St. Louis Parenthood for disposal of body tissues and Columbia Planned Parenthood who just renewed their license to begin medical abortions again.

Listening via livestream, I was most disturbed by his interrogation of University of Missouri Chancellor Bowen Loftin – and his threats of withholding state funds to the university next session (Schaefer is the Budget chair in the Senate).  He also went after the Chancellor because of Mizzou’s tie to the hospital where the physician in Columbia would have admitting privileges, in case of any emergency which could require hospitalization.



The Missouri Planned Parenthood Witch Hunt

by Missouri State Representative – August 25, 2015

Although this is my birthday week when I should be indulging in relaxation and excess chocolate, I can’t stop thinking about the horrendous seven-hour hearing to “investigate” Planned Parenthood this past week in the Missouri Capitol.

But mostly, I can’t stop thinking about women who would be hurt if the Missouri GOP have their way.

Our legislature during the interim has zero interest in addressing our exploding gun violence, or kids back to school in woefully inadequate schools, or even how to make our male legislators stop sexually harassing women in the Capitol, particularly young interns.

What is deemed most urgent by the Missouri GOP leadership is jumping on the national Crazy Toons bandwagon, joining other red states in launching their own investigation/witch hunt.

Never mind that the undercover sting videos of Planned Parenthood, which sparked these investigations, continue to be proven bogus.

Never mind that officials in Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts and South Dakota have spent thousands of state dollars and have concluded there was no evidence of any wrongdoing in their states by Planned Parenthood. Never mind that the Center for Medical Progress, responsible for the videos, is widely known as an anti-abortion group on a mission to annihilate Planned Parenthood.

Never mind that there are no Missouri lawmakers who are obstetricians or, heaven forbid, real gynecologists.

And certainly never mind these facts:

Fact #1 — Per Missouri’s constitution amended by voters in 2006, embryonic stem cell research is legal.

Fact #2 — Planned Parenthood in Missouri along with numerous affiliates throughout the country, do NOT offer patients the option to donate fetal tissue.

Fact #3 — Fetal tissue cell research has produced life-saving medical treatments and vaccines many of us count on.

Fact #4 — Only three percent of Planned Parenthood health services, even in Missouri, involve abortion.

Fact #5 — U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have found no violations of fetal tissue laws after the deceptively-edited videos.

The Missouri House hearing was a disaster. No agenda was given to us committee members except for a jumble of abortion statute links. The hearing began with the joint chairs asking what we all wanted to address. It was then that I wanted to stand up and scream.

The first hour and a half consisted of a summary reading of the bogus video transcript, followed by Children and Families Chair Rep. Diane Franklin citing a incredibly long list of abortion statutes. It had to have been hair pulling agonizing for anyone following along online on the House’s live video stream.

GOP Rep. Sue Allen asked that the department directors who would be testifying later if they could be “sworn in” so “we could know they were telling the truth.” Never mind that we legislators never take that oath. Then we broke early for a two and half hour lunch.

So, why were taxpayers funding this circus? Why were we holding a third interim hearing on Planned Parenthood? Just for our per diem and mileage check for the day?

Then my “aha” moment. Our session beginning in January coincides with the 2016 presidential election when we have contested Missouri gubernatorial and attorney general races (many of those candidates currently serve in the legislature). They must find a “women’s” wedge issue to motivate their Tea Party base. Duh.

At 2 p.m. the action resumed. Various state department directors answered questions ranging from surgical center licensing to federal Medicaid Planned Parenthood reimbursements to what happens to aborted fetal tissue after being delivered to private pathology labs.

Questions asked by the committee ranged from, “How do we know anyone is doing their job?” to “How to we know tissue is not being sold?” and to my absolute favorite, “How do we know if pathology labs aren’t selling baby body parts?”

Mentioning “baby body parts” became a favorite sport or an at-home drinking game as my conservative colleagues tried to outdo each other.

Almost every question asked of the directors was found either in the links provided to us or directly online. I know this because I easily found the answers on my laptop during the hearing.

Finally, late in the day, after the chairs tried hard to deny his testimony but I insisted, Dr. Ed Weisbart, who has actually treated pregnant women and delivered babies, spoke. His patience for sitting quietly up to this point should be commended.

He blasted the committee:

“That video … was clearly produced by an organization which was created to produce videos like that. It was done with false identifications, it was based on lies and badly edited to create a message that would then justify having hearings of this nature, and you guys are taking advantage of the material they gave you. There is no evidence that any of those things is going on… This could clearly be defined as a witch hunt or a fishing expedition.”

As you can imagine, the committee did not like an actual physician with medical expertise testifying and were fairly hostile to him. Certainly, not a physician who cares about reproductive healthcare that all women, of every zip code, need and deserve.

To conclude the day, the chairs also allowed two local abortion clinic protestors to testify. Really.

The result of the all day hearing? Before adjourning, the chairs called for yet one more hearing, making a total of four Missouri taxpayer funded Planned Parenthood witch hunts this summer. Stay tuned — maybe there will be more.

This is the Missouri legislature, elected by few voters but making big decisions, spending your tax dollars and treating women like… well, crap.



2. Also email CHAIRWOMAN DIANE FRANKLIN  = [email protected] AND CHAIRMAN ANDREW KOENIG  = [email protected]


4. Forward this email to every woman you know and INSIST they take action too.

5. Demand your Facebook friends do the same (be an activist with YOUR network).

6. Write an op-ed, blog post, letter to the editor and express YOUR outrage that our State Capitol is indulging in political theatre at the expense & risk of women’s access to healthcare.

7. Refer every woman you know to ProgressWoman – on Facebook & Twitter @progresswomenus.  Repost, retweet & help us make noise.


Help Fight Missouri GOP Attacks on Planned Parenthood

courtesy of

courtesy of


You know those Planned Parenthood investigations happening across the country because of those bogus videos?

Now the GOP is going after OUR own Planned Parenthood in Missouri – even though we know the severely edited videos are merely political attacks on women’s health and the providers we trust.

GOP lawmakers around the country have called for investigations and hearings, and inquiries have been announced in Arizona, Indiana, Florida, Kansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, including Missouri.

To date no investigations have uncovered any evidence that Planned Parenthood affiliates have broken any laws with regard to fetal tissue.  NONE.  

The majority of states, including Missouri, do NOT participate in fetal tissue donation – even though previous fetal tissue research nationwide has resulted in polio vaccines and advancements in AIDS, muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease.  READ MORE HERE – 8 FACTS.



Missouri GOP have announced a joint hearing in Jefferson City for next Wednesday, August 19th, beginnning at 10am.  As a senior member of the Children & Families Committee, I will be there to loudly defend Planned Parenthood in the State Capital and I need you there too. I cannot do this alone.



The anti-women pro-life contingent will be there in full force and we cannot idly stand by. If you can come to the State Capitol beginning at 10am next Wednesday, please let my assistant know ASAP = [email protected]



4. Forward this email to every woman you know and get them to take action too.

5. Demand your Facebook friends do the same (be an activist with YOUR network).

6. Write an op-ed, blog post, letter to the editor and express YOUR outrage that our State Capitol is indulging in political theatre at the expense of women’s access to healthcare.

7. Refer every woman you know to ProgressWoman – on Facebook & Twitter @progresswomenus.  Repost, retweet & help make noise.


Reminder – Look up your state and federal electeds HERE.

If you don’t know who represents you, frankly you are in the dark. These are the people making policy decisions that affect you.  And while you’re at it, please strongly encourage your friends to learn also.



ProgressWomen began as a project December 2014 through my office after women kept asking “What can I do to get involved politically?”  We are now a collective of over 1000 women statewide (and growing) who are sick and tired of attacks on women & families in Missouri, in so many ways. Check us out online. Open up your address book & refer us every progressive woman you know.  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ProgressWomenUs & Facebook @ProgressWomen.

You’ve heard this before – “it’s going to take a village”.  Tired of their nonsense?  You in?

In Solidarity,

Missouri State Rep. Stacey Newman

[email protected]

“Fear That Debate Could Hurt G.O.P. in Women’s Eyes” – You Think??

If you happened to miss the GOP/Trump debate Thursday night, you missed a lineup of men who can never get pregnant, tell the rest of us how government needs to control our reproductive decisions, including access to birth control & healthcare.  Their collective misogyny and sexism was on full steroid mode as they appealed to their GOP base of white male voters.  Their message to women???


After Senator Marco Rubio of Florida insisted at the Republican presidential debate that rape and incest victims should carry pregnancies to term, aides to Hillary Rodham Clinton could barely contain their delight at his unyielding stance, rushing to tell reporters at her headquarters that those remarks would hurt Mr. Rubio with female voters.

When Donald J. Trump chose on Friday to stand by his slights against women during the debate, saying the Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly “behaved very badly” as a moderator — and then promoting a Twitter message calling her a “bimbo” — feminists were not the only ones outraged: the chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican Party accused Mr. Trump of chauvinism.

And in response to multiple male candidates saying they would shut down the federal government over financing for Planned Parenthood, the Democratic National Committee emailed talking points to allies within an hour saying that among the losers at the debate were “American women, who were attacked at every turn.”

Republican Party leaders, whose presidential nominees have not won a majority of female voters since 1988, are setting their sights on making electoral gains among women in the 2016 presidential race and trying to close the gender gap in swing states like Florida and Colorado.

But the remarks and tone about women at Thursday’s debate — and the sight of 10 male candidates owning the stage — may have only damaged the party’s standing among female voters in the 2016 general election, according to pollsters and some Republican leaders.

“There was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”DONALD TRUMP

“So much of the debate was all about appealing to male voters and other parts of the Republican base, rather than doing anything to help the party’s general election goal of trying to be more inclusive,” said Lee M. Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. “By being callous or showing disregard toward women, and then laughing it off with a charge of political correctness or simply saying they’re taking conservative stands, the Republicans could win over some of the older male Republican voters out there. But what about female voters?”

Democrats were gleeful at the tone of the debate, already imagining future campaign advertisements featuring debate cutaways with Mr. Rubio saying that future Americans will “call us barbarians for murdering millions of babies.”

In the short term, however, the political peril for the Republican candidates may not be so grave. They are largely focused now on winning over likely Republican voters who will decide the party’s nomination — an electorate that tends to skew male and older in many key states.

Recent polls of Republican voters indicate that Mr. Trump is performing strongly among men and to a slightly lesser extent among women, though sizable numbers of women also say they would not support him. It remains an open question whether Mr. Trump offended his supporters, or many other likely primary voters, by refusing to renounce his past descriptions of women as “fat pigs” during the debate; indeed, pollsters say he may have struck a chord with some voters by saying he doesn’t “have time for political correctness” when he was asked about his remarks.

With the possibility that a woman could be the nominee of a major political party for the first time, Republicans are facing the likelihood of an even more complicated environment than they have had in recent presidential elections. Gallup polls show that female voters have been favoring the Democratic presidential nominees since the 1990s, often by increasingly large numbers.

The 2012 election was a case in point: Even though Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, won white women with 56 percent of their votes, he lost over all with female voters. A Republican nominee would be hard-pressed to improve that if the 2016 Democratic nominee is a woman, many Republican pollsters believe.

Several prominent Republican women said they were worried that the candidates would only hurt themselves, and the party, if they did not change the substance and style of their remarks at future debates, which will be held monthly this fall and winter. Thursday’s debate attracted an enormous audience of 24 million viewers; the next debate will be Sept. 16 and broadcast on CNN.

“Not one candidate attempted to persuade women voters,” said Margaret Hoover, a Republican consultant and author. “The G.O.P. needs to fight for women votes because it believes our policies are better for women. There’s a difference between pandering and vote-courting: Thursday night, G.O.P. candidates did neither for women weary of the Republican brand.”