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Best Tweets of Women of the World 2014 Summit

Last week, the Women of the World 2014 Summit took place. ProgressWomen has gathered our favorite tweets from the summit below! “We’re breaking glass ceilings, but we need to provide the ladders for our little sisters to break more glass ceilings” – @laylool #WITW14 — Julie Zeilinger (@juliezeilinger) “I think office holders are better when there are women demanding them to be better.” – @CecileRichards #witw14 — Alison McQuade (@akmcquade)   “Leadership is not a birthright.” – @HillaryClinton #witw14 — EMILY’s List (@emilyslist)   .@CecileRichards “Work for the world we want, where reproductive rights are understood as basic human rights”...

Happy Women's History Month!
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Let’s Celebrate Women’s History Month!

March is one of our favorite months. Why? March is Women’s History Month, of course! Women’s History Month was inspired by the idea of International Women’s Day, which was first celebrated on March 8, 1911. As time progressed, feminism became more popular and women started having more roles in society. The “women’s liberation” movement  in the 1960′s started to get people thinking: why is “history” taught, but not “herstory”? The demand for women’s role in history to be recognized by the government increased, and by 1987, at the request of the National Women’s History Project, Congress expanded the week to...

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My First Day as a State Capitol Intern

Rachel Brooks is a University of Missouri sophomore and intern for Missouri State Representative Stacey Newman. Her article on her first day as a State Capitol Intern: My first day at the Missouri Capitol several weeks ago was just that – my first day at the Capitol! Being from Texas, I had never visited Missouri’s Capitol building. I ran up the steps and tried desperately to orient myself in the circular building, searching for Rep. Stacey Newman’s office. I found it, just in time to be whisked away to an Elections House hearing where she is the ranking senior Democrat....

The cover of the book "Every Day Is Election Day". Go out and read it!
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Book To Read: Every Day Is Election Day

Emily Spangler, one of our co-directors and 15 year old high school sophomore  finished reading Every Day is Election Day by Rebecca Sive. Below is what she had to say about the book. Rarely do we do a book review, but we thought it was necessary for a book as beneficial, practical, and empowering at Every Day is Election Day by Rebecca Sive. I met Rebecca Sive over the summer last year at the Illinois Democratic Women’s  Convention. We sat by each other –being two women from  completely different generations and backgrounds—and agreed that more women should be having a voice in politics....

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ProgressWomen Launches “Legis-Ladies”

Announcing our newest ProgressWomen project, “LEGIS-LADIES”!   Yes, we’re most thrilled about our “new baby” and could hardly wait to share it with the blogworld.  Can you hear our enthusiasm? After tons of research, we have matched a test group of politically-minded high school and college girls from all over the country with a progressive woman legislator in each of their own states. We are encouraging participants to contact their assigned legislators, sign up for their legislative news and follow them on social media. “LEGIS-LADIES” is designed to motivate young women (who are not sure how they can make a...

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Hillary Clinton Explains Why Having a Female President Matters

Thank you thank you thank you Barbara Walters for inviting Hillary Clinton to share what many of us know already —-we NEED a woman in the White House. Her remarks below could not be any more clear. ———————- From Huffington Post Women – posted 12/19/2013 Hillary Clinton may not have made up her mind about whether to run for president in 2016, but she absolutely believes that a woman needs to make it to the White House. During a Wednesday interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters — Clinton was named the “Most Fascinating Person of 2013″ – the former Secretary of State revealed that...