Under the covers? Or back out to fight for those who will be hurt the most? Our friend Sarah, a Georgetown University junior, gave her friends a social justice to-do list for the week.  We liked it so we made… Continue Reading

Join us for an “Evening with 3 Secret Mystery Guests”!

THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT.               You don’t want to miss this “ProgressWomen Missouri Evening with 3 Secret Mystery Guests”! Thursday, December 3 –  6pm to 8pm Home of MO State Rep. Stacey… Continue Reading

“I’m All In for Hillary Clinton, My Next President”

This past week was the 20th anniversary of First Lady Hillary Clinton’s historic speech on women’s rights in Bejing.  Every since, we have held this as truth: “Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights.  Hillary’s #Beijing20 speech… Continue Reading

This is A Must Read – Thank you State Rep. Victoria Steele, Robin Marty & Cosmopolitan Magazine

Courtesy of Arizona State Rep. Victoria Steele

As a follow state legislator, there is nothing more that I can add to Robin Marty’s article for Cosmopolitan Magazine.  This is a MUST READ for all women. Thank you Rep. Victoria Steele for your courage. ============================= Why This State… Continue Reading


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It’s that time of year. Primary elections (Tuesday in Missouri), back to school/college pencils & books & stuff, last minute  holidays, readying for 2015  legislative sessions and of course, this year – campaigns and campaigns and campaigns. ProgressWomen is keeping up with… Continue Reading