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Pro-Reproductive Health Bill Making Way Through Colorado State Legislature

Last Thursday, the Colorado State Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee advanced a measure that would protect  reproductive rights in the midst of attacks on women’s health across the country. S.B. 175, or the “Reproductive Health Freedom Act” was introduced this March. It was on the Senate Committee on Health & Human Services and was referred unamended to Senate Committee of the Whole last week. S.B. 175′s text states “every individual possesses a fundamental right of privacy with respect to reproductive health care decisions” without interference from the state, which is referring to attacks on women’s health in various states; ”‘reproductive health care’...

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THIS HAPPENED IN MY COMMITTEE TUESDAY….OH, YES. MO Rep. Gatschenberger testified before the House Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities on his anti-abortion bill Tuesday, which was captured on video. In doing so, he sounded every bit as tone deaf about the psychological difficulties that women face when considering abortion as one might expect from an old man in power deciding what’s best for women. MSNBC Video – Politics Nation w/ Al Sharpton: Video MSNBC (online story): Missouri GOPer likens abortion to car sales: It requires time, info Pitch: Missouri House representative thinks getting an abortion is like kicking the tires...

The state of Mississippi has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country.
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Southern Sex Ed Program Compares Sexually Active Teens to “Dirty Chocolate”

The state of Mississippi is using a new tactic that shames sexual activity: comparing sexually active teenagers to “dirty, used chocolate”. The new sexual education program involved students unwrapping chocolate from wrappers, passing it around the class until it has become “used and dirty”, and compares it to teenagers that have sex, as they are useless and dirty after they have sex. Mississippi requires individual districts to choose two ways to teach sex ed: abstinence-only or abstinence-plus, which teaches about contraceptives. I wonder how they teach contraceptives! According to the L.A. Times, there’s 151 school districts in Mississippi. 81 of...

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Planned Parenthood to Build New Surgery Center in Texas

 In order to comply with the enactment of the final provision that H.B. 2 in  Texas has put into order,  Planned Parenthood has announced intentions to build a new surgery center in San Antonio, Texas. The final provision of H.B. 2 mandates all abortion procedures—both surgical and medication abortions—be performed or administered in these hospital-like facilities that Planned Parenthood plans to build. There are only six licensed abortion-providing ambulatory surgical centers and 19 abortion clinics left in Texas, which makes the existence of this new surgery center in San Antonio so important.  If a new lawsuit is not successful in...

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State Rep. Jessica Farrar: Forget H.B. 2 and Protect Women’s Health

Texas State Representative Jessica Farrar’s (D) response to the recent ruling on H.B. 2 and how it really is a undue burden to women’s health.  Last summer, the Texas Legislature passed a highly restrictive omnibus abortion bill. Proponents of the bill claimed that the bill’s provisions would benefit women’s health, but in reality they make it much harder for Texas women to access a safe and legal abortion. The bill bans abortions after 20 weeks, places restrictions on medical abortions, requires that physicians performing abortions have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles, and requires that abortion facilities have...

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Is 2014 the Year of the IUD?

As attacks on women’s health continue on into 2014 and as the War on Women rages on, women’s contraceptives may have some hope this year: the IUD making it’s way into the market. According to RH Reality Check, a new intrauterine device (IUD), Skyla, made its debut on the market and has been super popular. One factor that makes the IUD popular is that under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) all plans are required to cover contraceptive methods and related services, including counseling, insertion, and removal, without copays or deductibles. Before the ACA was implemented, an IUD would be costly...