5 Things You Should Know About Hillary Clinton, Presidential Candidate

Unless you’re living under a rock without internet access or still in hibernation, you should already know that Hillary Clinton announced a few days ago she is running for President in 2016.  The first viable woman with a real shot… Continue Reading

ND Rep. Kylie Oversen Runs The Democratic Party In A Super-Red State (& She’s 26)!

North Dakota State Rep. Kylie Oversen is my friend and I’m so proud of her.  We first met at a reproductive rights legislative conference several years ago in D.C. and I’m only one of her huge group of fans. So for… Continue Reading

Rep. Joni Jenkins: Kentucky Domestic Violence Law MUST be Updated

GUEST FEATURE by Kentucky State Representative Joni Jenkins, (D-44) –   In the 1980’s, the Commonwealth of Kentucky was a leader  in the prevention of violence against women.  We were one  of the first states to enact Emergency Protection Orders and… Continue Reading