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Phyllis Schlafly Gets Schooled by Twelve Year-Old Madison Kimrey

In case you missed this circulating today on the web… Planned Parenthood Action posted it on their site with the comment:  “Well, we’ve got a new hero.”  Ditto, Feministing and Emily’s List also weighed in. We agree.  Keep at it, Madison.  There’s plenty who need to hear from you. Phyllis Schlafly Gets Schooled By A Twelve Year-Old by zenbassoon of, April 21, 2014 OK, not just any twelve year-old. Those of you who follow the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina may remember Madison Kimrey, the twelve year-old who stood in front of Governor McCrory’s mansion and spoke up for voter...

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THIS HAPPENED IN MY COMMITTEE TUESDAY….OH, YES. MO Rep. Gatschenberger testified before the House Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities on his anti-abortion bill Tuesday, which was captured on video. In doing so, he sounded every bit as tone deaf about the psychological difficulties that women face when considering abortion as one might expect from an old man in power deciding what’s best for women. MSNBC Video – Politics Nation w/ Al Sharpton: Video MSNBC (online story): Missouri GOPer likens abortion to car sales: It requires time, info Pitch: Missouri House representative thinks getting an abortion is like kicking the tires...

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Best Tweets of Women of the World 2014 Summit

Last week, the Women of the World 2014 Summit took place. ProgressWomen has gathered our favorite tweets from the summit below! “We’re breaking glass ceilings, but we need to provide the ladders for our little sisters to break more glass ceilings” – @laylool #WITW14 — Julie Zeilinger (@juliezeilinger) “I think office holders are better when there are women demanding them to be better.” – @CecileRichards #witw14 — Alison McQuade (@akmcquade)   “Leadership is not a birthright.” – @HillaryClinton #witw14 — EMILY’s List (@emilyslist)   .@CecileRichards “Work for the world we want, where reproductive rights are understood as basic human rights”...

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Can the GOP Change Its “War on Women” Image?

Pay attention to this Ladies. Looks like a smoke screen as GOP electeds CONTINUE to make absurd statements and push their anti-women agendas, especially in state legislatures.Missouri, for example, this year has introduced 32 (and counting) pieces of legislation that do nothing but harm women, especially low-income women who have limited choices of reproductive healthcare in the state already.  In the last month, my GOP colleagues  have debated on the floor with absurd statements like “it’s not too much to ask” or ” we want to make sure women know what they’re doing” when pushing for a 72 hour abortion...

State Rep. Patricia Todd wants to change Alabama's sex-ed program and curriculum to a more modern, accepting program and curriculum.
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Let’s teach accurate sex-ed, Alabama!

In the state of Alabama, it is mandated to take classes, like English, Math, and Science. Do you know what is not mandated? Sex-education. But if a school decides to teach sex-ed, the teacher is required to teach that homosexuality is unacceptable and a crime. Alabama State Representative Patricia Todd (D) wants to change that. Todd is the first, and only, openly gay state lawmaker from the state of Alabama. She recently introduced H.B. 139, which would make changes to the current sex-ed program and curriculum.  Changes to the program and curriculum would include making the “course materials and instructions...

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MS Representation Friday!

BROUGHT TO YOU BY OUR SISTERS AT WOMEN’S CAMPAIGN FUND – MARCH 5, 2014 WE LOVE MS REPRESENTATION SO MUCH – WE WANT YOU TO LOVE IT TOO! Daily FailFormer Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was recently profiled in the Daily Mail, but the article mostly dwelt on how her “kittenish ways” and “legendary blonde tresses” make her untrustworthy. She’s…too sexy for your trust. Too sexy for your trust. Ala-Shame-a Alabama lawmakers are attempting to advance several bills that wouldseverely restrict the time period in which a woman could obtain an abortion. It’s good to know that the big red X on their flag means...