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Cyndi Munson is running for State Representative in Oklahoma.
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State Rep. Candidate to Women in Oklahoma: Please Stand Up

Cyndi Munson is running for State Representative in the state of Oklahoma. She shares her experience of running and why more women need to run in Oklahoma below. The “Great State” is the motto of my beloved Oklahoma. Oklahoma makes me think about my state’s gracious people, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and most importantly, home. I know many Oklahomans think these very same things and share the same love for Oklahoma as I do. However, there are staggering statistics that tarnish the Great State’s image. These statistics highlight the disservice the women in our state are receiving from our leaders...

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Can the GOP Change Its “War on Women” Image?

Pay attention to this Ladies. Looks like a smoke screen as GOP electeds CONTINUE to make absurd statements and push their anti-women agendas, especially in state legislatures.Missouri, for example, this year has introduced 32 (and counting) pieces of legislation that do nothing but harm women, especially low-income women who have limited choices of reproductive healthcare in the state already.  In the last month, my GOP colleagues  have debated on the floor with absurd statements like “it’s not too much to ask” or ” we want to make sure women know what they’re doing” when pushing for a 72 hour abortion...

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MS Representation Friday!

BROUGHT TO YOU BY OUR SISTERS AT WOMEN’S CAMPAIGN FUND – MARCH 5, 2014 WE LOVE MS REPRESENTATION SO MUCH – WE WANT YOU TO LOVE IT TOO! Daily FailFormer Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was recently profiled in the Daily Mail, but the article mostly dwelt on how her “kittenish ways” and “legendary blonde tresses” make her untrustworthy. She’s…too sexy for your trust. Too sexy for your trust. Ala-Shame-a Alabama lawmakers are attempting to advance several bills that wouldseverely restrict the time period in which a woman could obtain an abortion. It’s good to know that the big red X on their flag means...

A pro-discrimination bill was introduced earlier this year in the Arizona State Senate.
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Pro-Discrimination Bill Makes Its Way Through Arizona

Kristie O’Brien, Democratic candidate for the Arizona State Senate, wrote an article on how detrimental S.B. 1602 is for Arizona and our country. Her article is below. (To learn more about how you can help her and the campaign contact [email protected] or (480) 729-2647(480) 729-2647. Follow her on Facebook at Kristie O’Brien for AZ Senate or on Twitter @KristieOBrienAZ). Imagine you walk into your small town pharmacy to pick up your monthly birth control prescription only to be told you will have to get it filled somewhere else from now on. Or perhaps, you and your partner have driven hundreds...

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Hard Working Student to Candidate: How Progressive Politics Helped A Young Woman Run For Office

Ashley Miller, a State Representative candidate from Kentucky, shares her experience of how progressive politics has helped her prosper into a successful  young woman. Her story is below. Often in the world of politics, being a progressive candidate can be seen as a negative or threatening label.  It’s a label that is often plagued with the stereotype of extremism and an ideology synonymous with the pursuit of a new world order.  Progressive, by definition, however, is something that anyone entering the political realm should aspire to be.  A progressive is in favor or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as...

The cover of the book "Every Day Is Election Day". Go out and read it!
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Book To Read: Every Day Is Election Day

Emily Spangler, one of our co-directors and 15 year old high school sophomore  finished reading Every Day is Election Day by Rebecca Sive. Below is what she had to say about the book. Rarely do we do a book review, but we thought it was necessary for a book as beneficial, practical, and empowering at Every Day is Election Day by Rebecca Sive. I met Rebecca Sive over the summer last year at the Illinois Democratic Women’s  Convention. We sat by each other –being two women from  completely different generations and backgrounds—and agreed that more women should be having a voice in politics....