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ProgressWomen is all about empowering women – and those who love women – for equality & justice, civil rights for everybody. Be vocal, rise up and use the universal power of the voting booth.  Run for office too.

We will do everything in our power to resist every attempt to silence, discriminate or harm any citizen.



  1. Reproductive Justice – the right to choose our own private legal reproductive care, including access to birth control, without the government inserting themselves in our physician’s offices.  We adamantly oppose every attempt to defund Planned Parenthood – either federally or in our states.
  2. Voter Rights – our right to vote cannot be suppressed & taken away.  That goes for all women – regardless if we are poor, an ethnic or racial minority, elderly, married, college students or even disabled.
  3. Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence & Rapes on Campus – must end.  Period.
  4. Gun Violence – the nation’s epidemic of women, children & our families is senseless.  We can no longer allow the gun lobby to profit and hold legislatures hostage while we continue to lose lives, needlessly.
  5. Equality Rights – the Supreme Court  has uphold the constitutional protections for those to be able to marry those they love.  However, the conservative backlash remains.  We also must end all discrimination & bullying based on sexual orientation, particularly in the workplace, housing and schools and stop every effort to discriminate against our LGBTQ community in any way.
  6. Pay Equity – women must be paid the same as men for the same job.  And why not??
  7. And so much more…

If you’re not at the table, you are most definitely on the menu.

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MIssouri State Rep. Stacey Newman

MIssouri State Rep. Stacey Newman

MO State Rep. Stacey Newman:   A vocal protector of women and families, she has served in the Missouri State House since first elected in 2009.  Stacey founded ProgressWomen in 2010 as a pushback to Missouri’s “War on Women” – which is ongoing, but not just in her state.

She chairs the House Progressive Caucus and takes the lead in fighting for women’s reproductive justice, gun violence prevention and voters rights.  And anything that threatens the rights of women and men, regardless of whom they love.

More at www.StaceyNewman.com.  Follow her on Facebook & Twitter, where she live tweets from the House floor or committee hearings – @StaceyNewman.

In addition she’s a mom to Sophie, a graduate student at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, a wife to attorney Burt and “Nana” to four grandkids under the age of 9.

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