Kansas City Star & Reproductive Rights


First, a big thank you to the hundreds of you who signed the recent ProgressWomen petition to the Missouri Demcratic Party – your voices from 146 zip codes throughout Missouri were extremely vital.

After joint op-ed’s in the St. Louis American by MDP Chair Stephen Webber and myself recently, I am confident your message of protecting reproductive rights was heard loud and clear.


Steve Kraske, a columnist with the Kansas City Star, had this published today in the print edition:

Struggling Missouri Democratic Party can’t afford to impose an abortion litmus test

With only comments from males, including a gun rights pro-life term-limited former State Senator and Sen. Bernie Sanders, he made it clear that the Democratic Party everywhere needs to throw reproductive rights out the window —-so rural Democrats can win.

Without knowing or caring about the consequences of these punitive extreme pro-life bills, particularly on rural women and physicians in their districts.

Mr. Kraske knows my work in gun violence prevention.  He especially knows that using firearm terminology to make his point about my commitment to reproductive rights is in very poor taste.

I urge you, both male and female, respond by writing your own Letter to the Editor —SUBMIT IT HERE.  Your voices continue to make a difference. I am replying myself.


We can’t lose sight as this battle to protect reproductive rights is waged throughout the country —that the real villain is GOP extremists, like Missouri Governor Greitens, who advance numerous punitive abortion & reproductive healthcare bills each year.

We know their eventual goal is to overturn Roe v Wade and use their evangelical base to keep in power, regardless of effects on real women’s lives.

THEY are who we need to oppose —as we encourage & educate each other to step up and vote these extremists out.


1.  Write your response to the Kansas City Star AND your local newspaper.  Be vocal.  Stand up for the women in your life to freely access constitutionally protected birth control AND abortion care if needed.  Tell elected officials to stay out of women’s doctors offices.

2.  Share this widely.

3.  Follow the lead of our favorite progressive faith leaders and make your own video, speaking up for what is right – “What it Really Means to be Pro-Life Missouri.”Rev. Deborah Kraus, Rabbi Andrea Goldstein, Rev. Karen Anderson, Rabbi Susan Talve and Rev. Traci Blackmon.


4.  Join me at the “Women’s Rights: 40 Years in the Making”event – Saturday, September 9th in Sedalia.

    10am to 2pm, Liberty Park, 1500 West 3rd Street, Sedalia

 A united meeting of the Rural, Women’s, and Progressive caucuses of the Democratic party of Missouri to engage in an open and constructive conversation on Women’s Rights, Women’s Healthcare, and Human Rights forty years in the making. I will be there. RSVP HERE

State Rep. Stacey Newman