Reproductive Freedom in Missouri in Danger!

Are you as mad as me?  Your blood pressure in the danger zone?

Seems to be a trend around the country AND in Missouri.

Democratic Party Leaders are seriously considering recruiting & financially supporting pro-life candidates. Every day another piece pops up in national media blasting the Democrats for even considering Throwing Women Under the Bus.

This New York Times op-ed is the best piece I’ve read this week: “Of Course Abortion Should Be a Litmus Test for Democrats” 

Read the entire op-ed HERE but the part that grabbed me:


1.  Join me at the “Women’s Rights: 40 Years in the Making”- Saturday, September 9th in Sedalia.

    10am to 2pm, Liberty Park, 1500 West 3rd Street, Sedalia

“Please join a united meeting of the Rural, Women’s, and Progressive caucuses of the Democratic party of Missouri to engage in an open and constructive conversation on Women’s Rights, Women’s Healthcare, and Human Rights forty years in the making.

The goal of this meeting will be to address recent announcements by both local and national party leaders on the inclusion of “pro-life” candidates and what that means for Democrats moving forward. Speakers will talk about issues that divide urban and rural candidates, what it means to be “REAL Pro-Life”, and other topics facing democrats in our state legislature as more and more restrictions are being placed on women’s access to reliable and quality healthcare. All are welcome to attend.” RSVP HERE

2.  Fill out a Platform Survey for the Missouri Democratic Party – let committee people know exactly what you think.  I just did.


3.  Let the Missouri Democratic Party Chair know exactly what YOU THINK about recruiting pro-life candidates.

Over 550 Missourians have signed the petition to Stephen Webber, Missouri Democrati Party Chair which we are delivering next week.


State Rep. Stacey Newman