How Many have to be Shot before Democrats Stand Up to the Gun Lobby?

The St. Louis Post Dispatch headline above the fold today is glaring as the legislature prepares to debate HB630 next week (guns in churches, day care centers, hospitals, polling places, etc).

They say that nothing will change until everyone is affected. So exactly how many have to be shot???

Missouri was #1 in toddler shootings & little kids keep unintentionally shooting others or themselves but my party remains silent.

Democrats in the legislature voted for “Stand Your Ground” in 2016 and numerous gun bills before that. Missouri Democrats voted for legalizing assault weapons in our state, including some you know.

The Missouri GOP? Each one of them has already been bought by the gun lobby.

Domestic violence shootings, usually killing of an entire family, are up. Suicides by gun are rising, particularly of veterans. Gun violence is not just in “bad neighborhoods” but is in every single Missouri zip code. Most shootings however fail to make front page headlines.

Missouri no longer requires licenses to buy guns or permits to carry concealed guns & doesn’t require background checks on gun purchases. You can buy as many guns and ammunition you want online, no questions asked.

Our doctors are tasked with saving those who don’t go directly to the morgue & our surgeons suffer PTSD because of the gun trauma they have to treat over and over and over and over.

I’m sad, mad & can’t handle one more “thoughts and prayers”.

You want to keep your family alive? INSIST every elected official fight back instead of trying to rationalize supporting gun lobby profit. INSIST every candidate campaign on gun violence prevention. INSIST Democrats (and even Republicans) start caring about people instead of cowering.

You voters are in charge of this.

State Rep. Stacey Newman