Feminists to Follow Friday (9/27)

It’s that time of week again! Here’s another Feminists to Follow Friday, a new segment ProgressWomen has created that includes a few women per week we suggest you follow. Follow ProgressWomen on Twitter here.

Check this out! 

Courtesy to vimeo.com

Courtesy to vimeo.com

Catholics for Choice, an organization that’s a voice for pro-choice Catholics, just launched an interactive map that includes essays from Catholic’s worldwide on why they’re pro-choice. Cool, right?

Click here to be directed to the interactive maps: http://www.catholicsforchoice.org/prochoice-essays/

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Don’t forget to follow these ladies, too:



Elizabeth Plank

Courtesy to Twitter

Courtesy to Twitter


  Elizabeth Plank is a feminist to watch out for — she’s definitely on fire! Along with  being a feminist, Plank is viral content & social justice editor Policy Mic, and  writes for Huffington Post. Not to mention, Plank is a millennial. Yay for young    feminists making a difference!

 Follow Elizabeth Plank on Twitter here .

Sam Meier

Courtesy to Twitter

Courtesy to Twitter

Sam Meier is also an editor at Policy Mic, focusing on issues of gender, sex, and sexuality in contemporary politics. A self-described comic book nerd, Meier hosts great discussions on Twitter about the issues she’s passionate about. If you follow her, you won’t regret it!

Follow Sam Meier on Twitter here.

Andrea Pino

Courtesy to Twitter

Courtesy to Twitter

Andrea Pino is a UNC Senior, anti-sexual assault activist, and Huffington Post blogger. As an anti-sexual assault activist, she is a voice for women nationwide who can’t speak for themselves. Keep yourself update on anti-sexual assault issues, follow Pino on Twitter!

Follow Andrea Pino here.


Emily Spangler

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