Feminists to Follow Friday (9/20)

 Friday is here! It’s time for another Feminists to Follow Friday, a new segment ProgressWomen has created that includes a few women per week we suggest you follow. Follow ProgressWomen on Twitter here.

Courtesy to Wikipedia

Courtesy of Wikipedia.com

Featured Feminist: Wendy Davis 

The one and only Wendy Davis sent out an email this week announcing that by early October, she will be announcing her future plans. Keep up with her on Twitter and sign up here to be the first to know about her next actions!




Courtesy to netrootsnation.org

Courtesy of netrootsnation.org


Atima Omara

Atima a feminist, the President of the Young Democrats of America, activist, and  blogger.  She was elected  the first African-American and Virginian president of the  Young Democrats  of America this year. She’s a rising star in the Democratic party  and someone to watch out for!

 Follow her here.


Courtesy to jamiawilson.com

Courtesy of jamiawilson.com


Jamia Wilson

Jamia is a feminist media activist, organizer and works is the Vice President of Programs at  the Women’s Media Center. Jamia was recently included in Refinery 29’s article that featured  future faces of feminism. Jamia is an activist that we should all be paying attention to!

 Follow her here.


Courtesy to ted.com

Courtesy of ted.com


Courtney Martin

Courtney is a feminist, author, co-founder of Solutions Journalism, TED Prize   strategist, editor emeritus at Feministing, and facilitator for the Op-Ed Project.  Courtney is a busy woman who does a lot of work for the feminist world. Keep up  with her and all her work on Twitter!

Follow her here.

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