MAKERS: Women Who Make America — Thoughts?

  On February 26, MAKERS featured a documentary on PBS called, “MAKERS: Women Who Make America”. The documentary discussed the aspects of feminism and the struggles early feminist leaders have endured during eras when equality was not established and was not excepted.… Continue Reading

What Happens to Global Women’s Issues Without Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton has been a women’s rights activist for many years, especially when dealing with international women’s issues. Recently, Clinton resigned her title as Secretary of State in the beginning of Obama’s second term. Since Clinton isn’t holding office anymore,… Continue Reading

Obama Reaches Out to Women in SOTU Address

On February 12nd, 2013, President Obama addressed the United States and delivered the State of the Union, saying the Union is indeed strong. From immigration reform, to gun control legislation, to pulling troops out of Afghanistan, President Obama ensured the… Continue Reading