Rachel Maddow Slams GOP On Equal Pay

‘For The Same Work, Dudes Get Paid More’

Huffington Post — May 1

Rachel Maddow spent a considerable amount of time on her Monday show defending her argument that men get paid more than woman.

Maddow, who appeared on Sunday’s “Meet The Press,” severely clashed with Republican strategist and CNN contributor Alex Castellanos on the topic of equal pay. Castellanos continuously interrupted Maddow and disagreed with her point that men earn more money than women. Maddow fired back, calling Castellanos “condescending.”

On Monday, Castellanos doubled down on his comments, saying that Maddow “restated an old and discredited liberal myth — that women are paid less than men, only 77%, for the same labor. The fact is women are paid less than men in America — but not for the same work. They are paid less, for other reasons.” Castellanos argued that men work more hours per week and work in different professions, like engineering and science, which pay more.

In a rare move,CNN aired a fact-checking package on Maddow and Castellanos’ clash on Monday. Reporter Lisa Sylvester used data from the U.S. Census Bureau and confirmed that Maddow was right—men do earn more than women.

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