AFL-CIO Backs Contraceptive Equity/Quality Health Care for Women

I learned today that the AFL-CIO is solidly standing behind women and their right to access to birth control.  As we continue to fight this universal “War on Women”, I am just thrilled that we have the support of union brothers… Continue Reading

MO Report highlights gender gap in health, work & politics

Terrific Missouri Women’s Report unveiled across the state after a recent press event in the MO State Capitol – make sure you listen to this interview on NPR. by Jacob Fenston – KBIA-FM, Columbia, MO Listen Sixty-two percent of working-age… Continue Reading

Women Lag Far Behind Men for Elected Office in Missouri

Posted March 16 — By Doug Moore, St. Louis Post Dispatch ST. LOUIS  There are more women than men registered to vote in every county of Missouri. But when it comes to holding office, men dominate at nearly every level… Continue Reading

Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton & More Riveting Moments – Women in the World 2012

It launched with the sound of a young girl’s voice, calling a hotline for women forced into marriage, her words spanning across the giant stage at New York’s Lincoln Center. The girl was British, but she’d overheard her parents talking… Continue Reading

Sex Equality Laws Inspired by GOP – Women Legislators Fight Back

photo courtesy of Maryville University Rep. Stacey Newman (D-Richmond Heights), House Progressive Caucus chair, introduced HB1853 last week which would restrict access to vasectomies in Missouri. Story Via FOX4 News – Kansas City. By Hannah Levintova – Mother Jones As Republican lawmakers have pushed… Continue Reading