Women file another sex-discrimination suit against Wal-Mart

Photo: REUTERS / Larry Downing (via International Business Times)

In 2001, a group of current and former female Wal-Mart employees across the nation filed suit, arguing that the retail giant violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by discriminating against them because of their gender. The district court certified the women as a class, meaning they could sue as a group. Wal-Mart appealed the “class certification” ruling all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States, which reversed and held that the women could not sue as a class.  The Court found that the women failed to show that they had enough in common to sue as a group.

This time, a smaller group, comprised of current and former female Wal-Mart employees in California, will seek to be certified as a class. Should they be certified, they will get to proceed with the substance of their lawsuit, i.e., whether the corporation engaged in sex discrimination with regard to wages and promotions. The women will seek back pay as well as injunctive relief.

Thompson-Reuters has the story here.


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