Gender wage gap persists; Women earn 86¢ for every dollar earned by men

Source: Government Accountability Office analysis of Current Population Survey data

Motoko Rich has a disturbing but unsurprising piece on the gender wage gap in the New York Times’ Economix Blog. Here are some statistics:

  • In 2010, women earned 86¢ for each dollar earned by men.
  • “[A]mong so-called creative class workers like architects, teachers, artists, engineers, bankers and journalists, men earn much more than women, even though more women hold such jobs.”
  • Though women are completing high school at a greater rate than men, women make up a disproportionate percentage of the low-wage workforce.
  • “[O]ccupational variations cannot fully account for the wage gap. Neither can the fact that women are more likely to work part-time than men.”

Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr., chairman of the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, which commissioned the G.E.O. report, said that he was surprised that despite higher levels of education, the gap between men’s and women’s pay hadn’t narrowed much more. ‘I would have said we would have seen more progress,’ said Senator Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat.” 



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