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How Family-Friendly is Missouri? 0

How Family-Friendly is Missouri?

National Partnership for Women & Families Missourians need public policies that allow them to better manage the dual demands of work and family. Federal law, including the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act (as amended by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) have codified some family-friendly policies. However, Missouri workers lack access to workplace leave or breastfeeding protection beyond those provided by federal law. There is no pending legislation in Missouri that would expand on federal law in these areas. Stats on Missouri Working Families: 1,484,689 Missouri women work, making...

Rape Definition Too Narrow, FBI Seeks to Revise 0

Rape Definition Too Narrow, FBI Seeks to Revise

New York Times – Erica Goode, Image: NYT, Craig Fischer/Police Executive Research Forum WASHINGTON — Thousands of sexual assaults that occur in the United States every year are not reflected in the federal government’s yearly crime report because the report uses an archaic definition of rape that is far narrower than the definitions used by most police departments. Many law enforcement officials and advocates for women say that this underreporting misleads the public about the prevalence of rape and results in fewer federal, state and local resources being devoted to catching rapists and helping rape victims. Rape crisis centers are among...

Michele Bachmann is wrong. Again. 0

Michele Bachmann is wrong. Again.

NARAL Blog for Choice Image via Emergency contraception, commonly referred to as “EC” or the “morning-after pill” is not an abortifacient. It is contraception. This is a pretty straightforward concept, but Rep. Michele Bachmann either doesn’t understand this or deliberately confuses the two. During last week’s GOP debate, Rep. Bachmann said the following: “President Obama in a stunning, shocking level of power now just recently told all private insurance companies you must offer the morning-after abortion pill because I said so and it must be free of charge.” This is false, “completely and one hundred percent false.” (Her understanding...

Where Abortion Rights are Disappearing – including Missouri 0

Where Abortion Rights are Disappearing – including Missouri

New York Times – The Landscape One clear lesson of this year’s skyrocketing number of new state laws is that those who care about keeping the procedure safe, legal and accessible need to raise their voices as loudly and effectively as those on the other side. If they don’t do so, and quickly, the number of harmful restrictions will continue to balloon, at a rising cost to women’s lives, health and equality. GO TO STORY

Secretary of State Clinton Promotes Women’s Rights Treaty that U.S. Has Not Yet Signed 0

Secretary of State Clinton Promotes Women’s Rights Treaty that U.S. Has Not Yet Signed

Huffington Post – Joshua Herst On the eve of high-level meetings for the United Nations’ general assembly, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attended an event on Monday afternoon designed to highlight the importance of women’s participation in public life. Together with a selection of major female world leaders, including Catherine Ashton, the European Union’s top diplomat, and Michelle Bachelet, the former president of Chile and the head of U.N. Women, Clinton put her name to a document calling for developing countries — especially in the changing Middle East — to clear the way for women to hold leadership roles.  GO...

Despite Improvements, The Gender Gap Persists 0

Despite Improvements, The Gender Gap Persists

SUDEEP REDDY – WALL STREET JOURNAL The World Development Report, published annually by the World Bank, shows that the gender gap remains despite gains made by women and girls. There have been dramatic gains in education: women now account for more than half of university students and the primary education gender gap has been closed in many nations. However, a stark wage gap persists across the globe. One startling statistic: “Women represent 40% of the world’s labor force but hold just 1% of the world’s wealth.” GO TO STORY WORLD DEVELOPMENT REPORT