If you attended any of our #GOV101’s last season, you certainly don’t want to miss updated Season 2 = new exciting panelists AND a brand new audience interaction: “You Be The Legislator”.

The Missouri Legislature goes back into session on January 3rd and 2018 is an election year (you knew that?).  I guarantee issues will be popping and candidates will start filing for office the end of February.  I assure you the majority party is gearing up big time.

Civil rights, reproductive rights, equality rights, voting rights, immigrant rights, workers rights….they are all at risk.

Democracy requires you.  We progressives in the Capitol need you.  I need you. Now more than ever.

Learn what you need to know for 2018, bring your friends, get all trained up.

Space is limited – RSVP right away to save your seat!


ST LOUIS – WEDNESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 6TH —7pm program, registration opens at 6:30pm.

Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School, 348 South Mason Road, Creve Coeur, MO 63141 (North on Conway at Mason & Highway 40)

Tickets = $10 (for individualized materials/event fees) 



KANSAS CITY – SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 6TH —10am program, registration opens at 9:30am.

Unity Temple on the Plaza, 700 West 47th St, MO 64112
(right on the Plaza with free parking next door)

Tickets = $10 (for individualized materials/event fees) 



Announcing #GOV101 – Second Season!






7pm – 9:00pm –Registration opens at 6:30pm

Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School
348 South Mason Road, St. Louis, MO 63141
(North of Conway on Mason Rd at Highway 40)

Learn the inside scoop how the Missouri State Legislature really works & be part of democracy as the start of 2018 session nears.

Panelists include:

Please email your guest’s name and address (to receive personalized materials) to Rep. Stacey Newman – [email protected].

*Disclosure: #GOV101, 2nd Season is a seminar solely sponsored by ProgressWomen.com and is not affiliated with Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School.

“What Happened” and “Bad Ass Pat” Comes to Town

Our hearts are heavy today remembering what we can never forget 16 years ago.  9-11-2001 will forever be etched with sorrow, fear and the awakening that we are not safe here at home as many of us once felt.

My good friend Hollye Dexter, a gun violence prevention advocate, author, and former child actress wrote this beautiful song with her musician husband a few days after and I urge you to listen HERE.  It will light your soul.



TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 @ 7pm – 9pm

Left Bank Books –  399 North Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, 63108

“Women of Resistance Panel” with Rev. Cassandra Gould, Rabbi Susan Talve & Rep. Stacey Newman moderated by Kris Kleindienst of Left Bank Books

Pick up your reserved book (or take your chances and purchase that evening)

Completely Free with Refreshments

Lots of Political Conversations/Camaraderie!

RSVP HERE  and reserve your book HERE.



My fellow fierce warrior friend who now lives in Tucson came to town last week & we had lunch at Pi Pizza in the Central West End —where else do you take a fervent President Obama supporter in St. Louis but to his favorite pizza place?

We invited Riverfront Times to join us and this is the result:

Pat Maisch Helped Stop One Gunman. She Isn’t Done Yet

Six years ago, Patricia Maisch ripped an ammo clip from the hand of a gunman who had just murdered six people and wounded thirteen others, including then-Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

The 68-year-old St. Louis County native was among a group of everyday citizens who on January 8, 2011, disarmed the deranged 22-year-old and pinned him to the ground until help arrived. Thanks to them, an unknowable number of people were spared that day in Tucson, Arizona.

By separating a mass murderer from his bullets as he tried reload, Maisch kept a tragedy from getting worse. She has worked ever since to make those kind of heroics unnecessary.

“It’s about making an impact,” says Maisch, who grew up in Oakville. “It’s about saving lives.”

READ MORE HERE —Pat will also be featured in the hard copy newspaper published Wednesday.

On a sad note, 9 year old Christina Taylor-Green who was one of those killed in Tucson was a 9-11 baby.  Today would have been her 16th birthday.



Stock Transport has donated a THIRD TRUCK and driver because donations keep coming in.

If only we could stop these damn destructive horrific storms.

Sahib Malik & Rev. Ron Bobo with Westside Missionary Baptist Church, Dunn Road & I-270, are now taking the lead. He has offered to bring one of his company trucks to pickup any items anywhere in the city (contact me if you are sponsoring a relief effort drive). Hazelwood School District has also volunteered to help district wide.  Sahib was our savior last weekend and is truly dedicated to this mission – thank you Sahib!

Please email –  [email protected] –and I will put you in touch with them ASAP.


New clothing, new underwear, shoes, personal care items, baby formula, diapers, baby wipes, non-perishable food, canned food, cleaning supplies, bleach, heavy duty rubber gloves, rubber boots, goggles, respirators, tarps, new or used but functional fans, generators, power washers, wet/dry vacs, large dehumidifiers, extension cords, tripod lights, wheel barrows, push brooms, shovels, electric or cordless drills, saws, demolition hammers, drywall tools, paint, etc.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


(A very hot & sweaty crew finished loading a 26 ft truck into the trailer at Central Reform Congregation Monday evening & posed for one last photo. Rabbi Susan Talve took our photo inside the trucks and was also part of our assembly line brigade)With your help this past Labor Day weekend, we completely filled TWO 53 ft trailers and sent them to Texas for the very first St. Louis community wide Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort.

Earlier this evening, we were notified the first truck had arrived at Houston’s World Harvest Outreach Church and was almost unloaded.  The second truck is due to arrive there tomorrow morning.

So many to thank for a true interfaith community effort – young, old, black, white, gay, straight, city, suburbia, outstate – all kinds of hands accomplished what we didn’t know we could.  Our heartfelt thanks to St. Louis companies, Hogan Transport and Stock Transport who magically donated trailer trucks along with drivers to make the 2 day journey to Texas. 


(L) Bethesda Temple volunteers were going gangbusters Monday morning with their donations – our Hogan Driver, Jordan, on the right. (R) Teens at CRC showing off their handmade blankets on Sunday.

Five congregations & their leaders, including Rev. Traci Blackmon – Christ the King United Church of Christ, Rev. Ron Bobo – Westside Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Julian Johnson – Bethesda Temple, Pastor B.T. Rice – New Horizon Christian Church and Rabbi Susan Talve – (CRC) Central Reform Congregation were part of the effort along with ProgressWomen….and you all.

Professors from Truman State drove a carload in from Kirksville, MO and the Franklin County Women’s Advocacy Group brought a pickup truck full of items from Washington MO.  Volunteers worked the entire weekend – a HUGE shout out to Shira Berkowitz, Paul Hershkowitz & Ed Finkelstein at CRC and Sahib Malik at Westside Church who was our 26 ft rental truck driver & loader (a pro truck driver himself!).  I did my best to monitor every truck location and was overwhelmed at the energy & goodwill at every congregation.


(L) Judy Glazer with her wrapped blankets complete with a note of St. Louis love. (C) 4 year old Charlotte packed a box of school supplies all by herself. (R) Me with faith leaders extraordinaires, Rev. Julian Johnson, Rev. Traci Blackmon and Rabbi Susan Talve as cars kept pulling in behind us with supplies.

We collected many stories in 3 days. Judy Glazer organized an interfaith Blanket Circle of men and women who made & wrapped 30 blankets for hurricane victims.  People dropped of carloads of cleaning supplies and baby products every 10 minutes it seemed —and the women’s group at Westside Church began collecting items BEFORE the announced time.  We made numerous runs to Costco and Lowes almost depleting their stock of Wet/Dry Vacs and box fans. Late Monday afternoon, 15 volunteers waited for the 26 ft truck to arrive at CRC and then assembly line style moved items from one truck to the other in 90 degree temps. Over 70 people, some in other states, donated almost $6000 online and another $2500 in gift cards magically appeared.

I was very emotional Monday night as we finally closed and locked up the packed trailers.  Much love, sweat and hours of devotion went into every packed tub, box, & blanket.  St. Louis community worked side by side & gave their hearts all weekend….how could you NOT be verklempt?



Stock Transport has donated a THIRD TRUCK because donations keep coming in.  We know it’s going to be a very long process of recovery for those who lost everything.

Sahib Malik & Rev. Ron Bobo with Westside MB Church will be taking the lead. He has offered to bring one of his company trucks to pickup any items anywhere in the city in the next several weeks (contact me if you are sponsoring a relief effort drive). Hazelwood School District has volunteered to help district wide also.

THIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 – 11AM to 3PM—Bring items to Westside Missionary Baptist Church, 2677 Dunn Road (off east I-270).


New clothing, new underwear, shoes, personal care items, baby formula, diapers, baby wipes, non-perishable food, canned food, cleaning supplies, bleach, heavy duty rubber gloves, rubber boots, goggles, respirators, tarps, new or used but functional fans, generators, power washers, wet/dry vacs, large dehumidifiers, extension cords, tripod lights, wheel barrows, push brooms, shovels, electric or cordless drills, saws, demolition hammers, drywall tools, paint, etc.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,



This morning, Friday, Sept. 1st, we are launching the very 1st St. Louis relief effort for Hurricane Harvey, working closely with Houston churches and synagogues alongside Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee who have requested our help for specific items BELOW.

We are filling up trucks THIS WEEKEND that will drive down to Houston on Tuesday—NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK.  

Hogan Transport in St. Louis has marvelously donated a 53 foot trailer truck AND driver.

Sponsored by community and faith leaders including Rev. Dr. Traci Blackmon (Christ the King United Church of Christ), Rev. Ron Bobo (Westside Missionary Baptist Church), Pastor Julian Johnson (Bethesda Temple), Pastor B.T. Rice (New Horizon Christian Church), Rabbi Susan Talve (Central Reform Congregation), myself – State Rep. Stacey Newman and many more…

12 years ago we organized the 1st St. Louis relief effort for Hurricane Katrina, answering a Baton Rouge church’s cry for help who suddenly had over 200 survivors and families who walked from New Orleans with nothing.

Today we are answering Houston’s call for help —let’s show them this is what we do.

Please help by donating, bringing items, volunteering at these sites to collect & pack trucks, sharing this with every network you have.  

Donate right now HERE.  

DROP OFF LOCATIONS:  SATURDAY Sept 2 Noon through MONDAY Sept 4 6pm (we will be manning this locations around the clock and packing trucks until they are filled)

~Central Reform Congregation: 5020 Waterman Blvd, St. Louis 63108

~Westside Missionary Baptist Church: 2677 Dunn Road, St. Louis, 63136

~New Horizons 7th Day Christian Church:  206 Emerling Drive, St. Louis 63121

~Bethesda Temple Church: 5401 JA Johnson Lane, St. Louis, 63136

Specific Items Needed (ONLY THESE WILL BE ACCEPTED):

Cleaning Items –Wet vacs, plastic bins for debris, rolls of heavy contractor trash bags, chlorine bleach, disinfectants, Dawn dishwashing liquid, N95 or better masks for mold remediation, work gloves, rubber dishwashing gloves, latex gloves, Pinesol, paper towels, hand sanitizer, Lysol sanitizing wipes, packing tape & dispensers, packing boxes – all sizes, newsprint sheet packing paper (20 x 30), bubble wrap, Sharpies, Duck Tape, box and rotating fans

Personal care Items – diapers, formula, baby products, detergent, non-perishable food, pantry kept food, adult mosquito spray, fungicides, allergy medicine, personal hygiene items (NEW ONLY), first aid supplies, PediaSure, pediatric medicines of all kinds, adult reading glasses, Orajel (both adult and child).

Gift Cards – Target, Amazon, Home Depot

School Supplies – Backpacks with elementary school supplies (for Jewish day schools who lost everything)

Kansas City Star & Reproductive Rights


First, a big thank you to the hundreds of you who signed the recent ProgressWomen petition to the Missouri Demcratic Party – your voices from 146 zip codes throughout Missouri were extremely vital.

After joint op-ed’s in the St. Louis American by MDP Chair Stephen Webber and myself recently, I am confident your message of protecting reproductive rights was heard loud and clear.


Steve Kraske, a columnist with the Kansas City Star, had this published today in the print edition:

Struggling Missouri Democratic Party can’t afford to impose an abortion litmus test

With only comments from males, including a gun rights pro-life term-limited former State Senator and Sen. Bernie Sanders, he made it clear that the Democratic Party everywhere needs to throw reproductive rights out the window —-so rural Democrats can win.

Without knowing or caring about the consequences of these punitive extreme pro-life bills, particularly on rural women and physicians in their districts.

Mr. Kraske knows my work in gun violence prevention.  He especially knows that using firearm terminology to make his point about my commitment to reproductive rights is in very poor taste.

I urge you, both male and female, respond by writing your own Letter to the Editor —SUBMIT IT HERE.  Your voices continue to make a difference. I am replying myself.


We can’t lose sight as this battle to protect reproductive rights is waged throughout the country —that the real villain is GOP extremists, like Missouri Governor Greitens, who advance numerous punitive abortion & reproductive healthcare bills each year.

We know their eventual goal is to overturn Roe v Wade and use their evangelical base to keep in power, regardless of effects on real women’s lives.

THEY are who we need to oppose —as we encourage & educate each other to step up and vote these extremists out.


1.  Write your response to the Kansas City Star AND your local newspaper.  Be vocal.  Stand up for the women in your life to freely access constitutionally protected birth control AND abortion care if needed.  Tell elected officials to stay out of women’s doctors offices.

2.  Share this widely.

3.  Follow the lead of our favorite progressive faith leaders and make your own video, speaking up for what is right – “What it Really Means to be Pro-Life Missouri.”Rev. Deborah Kraus, Rabbi Andrea Goldstein, Rev. Karen Anderson, Rabbi Susan Talve and Rev. Traci Blackmon.


4.  Join me at the “Women’s Rights: 40 Years in the Making”event – Saturday, September 9th in Sedalia.

    10am to 2pm, Liberty Park, 1500 West 3rd Street, Sedalia

 A united meeting of the Rural, Women’s, and Progressive caucuses of the Democratic party of Missouri to engage in an open and constructive conversation on Women’s Rights, Women’s Healthcare, and Human Rights forty years in the making. I will be there. RSVP HERE

This is Hard But…


Events in Charlottesville and since November are causing us angst. Difficult to stomach. Difficult to know what to do next.

I understand our fears, frustration, desperation & difficulties – even with each other – over what to do.

Attacks continue towards Muslims, Jews, African-Americans, Hispanics, immigrants, LGBTQ community, women – the list seems to be endless.  We don’t understand the hate but it seems to be growing.

I am sickened by the display of bigotry, white supremacy and anti-semitism. Afraid for our friends and communities.  Afraid for ourselves.


As a four term state legislator, I am asked this every single day.  I also ask myself every single day.

Every week a new pop-up issue or injustice to fight.  An unbalanced President.  A Governor who seems to be Trump’s twin.

I don’t have immediate answers.


Those elected last November are in office until 2018 & 2020.  Not enough of us showed up.  Those elected are in charge.  For now.

In St. Louis County (the largest county in the state), only 73% of registered voters showed up to vote, down from 78% in 2008.  In St. Louis City only 67% of registered voters showed up, down from 83% in 2008.  Not enough voters bothered to show up. Not enough cared.

The majority of us in the legislature are in partisan districts and were elected in the August primary.  Voter turnout then in St. Louis County = 26.36%.

Hardly any voters bothered to show up August 2016 to choose their legislators.

Most people STILL don’t know who represents them in the legislature or know the difference between those in Congress and those in Jefferson City.

Start with those of us in office right now – legislators, mayors, local councilpeople.  Learn our names, contact us.  Hold us accountable. Run against us or vote us out if you don’t like our policies.  


From our press statement:

Thursday August 17th we delivered a petition to Missouri Democratic Party (MDP) Chair Stephen Webber demanding that he only recruit legislative candidates who will advocate for constitutionally protected reproductive rights.

After several public statements from the MDP Chair and national Democratic leaders regarding recruitment and support of “pro-life candidates”, Democrats, women AND men in 146 zip codes in numerous counties in all parts of the state, are insistent that reproductive justice remain a hallmark issue in recruitment of future candidates and the MDP state party platform.

We remind MDP Chair Webber that in the last century, strides by women academically, in the workforce and in government is due to reproductive freedom – deciding if, when and how to raise a family, no matter what kind or color of family we are.

Women having autonomy over their own body is not just a moral, religious or social issue but a basic human right. Read more of the Statement HERE. 

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch on our efforts:  “Should Democrats Recruit Pro-Life Candidates? No Way, Says One Group

Lady Parts Justice, headed by Lizz Winstead (co-creator of the Daily Show), applauded and helped promote our efforts.

I couldn’t agree more with Ilyse Hogue, president of Naral Pro-choice America on Twitter:

ProgressWomen will not stop protecting reproductive rights.


I can’t stop thinking about my journey with Dr. McNicholas last week.  It changed me at my core.

I’ve documented part of my incredible experience on ProgressWomen.combeginning with my post the night we left.

Stay tuned as I write more of the humanity of women -who are just like you and me – who allowed me to be part of their trust.